What Happened To Wren On Tiktok, Check Out What Happened To Wren Eleanor Tiktok

What Happened To Wren On Tiktok?

Wren Eleanor is a three year old toddler who has a massive following on TikTok. Her mother Jacquelyn manges her account and posts videos of the little girl doing random things. She also posts images of her outfits and of her participating in various activities. She has more than 17 million followers on her account. There has been concern expressed that Jacquelyn is using her daughter for the following. 

What Happened To Wren Eleanor Tiktok?

Per TikTok community guidelines, “Sexual exploitation of minors includes any abuse of a position of power or trust for sexual purposes, including profiting financially, socially, sexually, or politically from the exploitation of a minor.” Due to the outfits that Wren Eleanor is seen wearing and the kind of content Jacquelyn is posting there are a lot of people concerned that the toddler is being exploited. 

What Happened To Wren Eleanor

Wren Eleanor has been seen drinking coffee and soda and eating tons of candy. There is concern that the outfits she wears will attract predators. Her mother cannot be unaware of the concerns of others but she has not made a statement regarding this matter. So far nothing obviously dangerous or illegal has happened. There is a subreddit called r/WrenEleanor which was created to discuss these worries. 

Who Is Wren Eleanor

Wren Eleanor is a child TikTok star who has a very large following on social media. People on the internet love her content. She has more than 17.3 million followers and more than 500 million likes on TikTok. Her account is handled by her mother Jacquelyn but Jacquelyn has been accused of using her child for views. 

Wren Eleanor Tiktok

Jacquelyn seems to be deleting comments that express concern over how she is raising her child. TikTok prohibits exploitation but it does not seem like this account has received any warnings or repercussions yet. Users definitely feel like the little toddler is being exploited and that Jacquelyn is attempting to make profit by dressing her daughter in certain ways. There is no evidence of this yet. When more information becomes available this article will be updated. 

  • What Happened To Wren On Tiktok 

  • What Happened To Wren Eleanor Tiktok 

  • What Happened To Wren Eleanor 

  • Who Is Wren Eleanor

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