What Happened To Sana Hololive? Tsukumo Sana Virtual YouTuber Wiki, Height, Face, Twitter And More

What Happened To Sana Hololive?

Tsukumo Sana of Hololive English Council will graduate from VTuber on 31 July 2024. Cover Corporation has reportedly discussed with Sana “the direction of her activities.” Due to her difficulties, Cover Corporation decided to allow Sana to graduate. Neither of them have revealed the details behind her graduation. However, she noted that it was difficult and thanked her fans for the support.         

Sana Hololive Face

Sana Hololive has not done a face reveal. When she does a face reveal, this article will be updated. Sana Hololive wished she could stay for everyone and felt like she was in a fairytale. Unfortunately, after she leaves, she will have to attend Smash! This runs from 16 July to 17 July 2024. Members can access members-only content until 31 October, and those who want to send fan mail and presents must ensure they arrive before 31 October 2024. 

Sana Hololive Height 

Sana Hololive is 169 cm tall, the tallest member of the hololive English and is third behind Pavolia Reine and Kaele Kovalskia. Her true height is around 1.7 trillion centimetres (17 million kilometres). The height chart showed her height to be slightly bigger than the son. Since the son is around 1.4 million km, this is around the correct height. 

Tsukumo Sana Virtual Youtuber Wiki

Sana has tweeted both in Japanese and English. 31 July is the last day she will be a part of the Hololive English Council. She debuted in 2021 as a part of the council and is one of the second-generation members of Hololive English, along with Ceres Fauna, Ouro Kronii, Nanashi Mumei and Hakos Baelz.

Tsukumo Sana Hololive

Tsukumo is a member of the council and a speaker of Space. After she materialised in the mortal realm, she started studying astrology. She has light-hearted and is sometimes childish. She is interested in both astronomy and astrology. She is also fond of her fellow council members. However, she tends to exaggerate, and she is a little careless as well.

Sana Hololive Twitter

Sana Hololive has 426.7 k followers on Twitter. The debut of Tsukumo Sana was set for August 22. However, the -Council- debuts were delayed for 24 hours due to unidentified technical problems, which members humorously attributed to the ‘EN curse’—a perception that hololive English members frequently have unforeseen technological challenges. Therefore, the debuts were rescheduled for either Sunday, August 22, or Monday, August 23, at the same time (Japan time). 


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