What Happened To Nathan Ford In Leverage, Why Did Timothy Hutton Leave Leverage?

What Happened To Nathan Ford In Leverage?

The Leverage team arrived back over the weekend. Alec Hardison, Christian Kane, and Parker Posey reprise their roles as Gina Bellman and Aldis Hodge in the free-to-watch IMDb TV series Leverage: Redemption.  What happened to Nathan Ford, though? Writers had to decide how to write out Nate, why was played by Leverage actor Timothy Hutton, after charges of rape surfaced. Harry Wilson took his place on the lineup card. This was made more difficult because it was impossible to just grant him a blissful retirement off-screen because his “happy ending” would always be spending the rest of his days with Sophie.

He spent the rest of his days with Sophie, but Nate’s life was, regrettably, not as long as his fans could have hoped. Leverage: Redemption’s first episode of the season reveals that Nathan Ford passed away around a year ago, leaving Sophie by herself in their spacious home.

Why Did Timothy Hutton Leave Leverage?

Due to a rape allegation, Timothy Hutton was removed from Leverage: Redemption, and it was the right decision. Timothy Hutton was charged in 2020 with raping Sera Johnston, a 14-year-old child actress, in 1983. Hutton’s then-current project Almost Family was canceled after one season after Johnston’s accusation became public. Leverage: Redemption was able to continue with the rest of its ensemble cast, but owing to the seriousness of the charges, Nate Ford won’t be seen again.

Nathan Ford Leverage Wiki

The former team captain and brains behind Leverage was Nathan Ford. Despite the layers of damage caused by insomnia and hangovers, he is nonetheless attractive and intelligent.


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Nate used to work as an insurance investigator for I.Y.S. Insurance. He was excellent at finding stolen goods and was reportedly a legend in the criminal underworld. The company’s forensic accountants regarded him well and he was the sole investigator who interacted with them personally. He remembered their birthdays and delivered inspirational lectures to them. When I.Y.S. declined to cover the cost of his 8-year-old son Sam Ford’s “experimental” cancer treatment, Nate left the organization.

How Did Nate Ford Died On Leverage?

Former model Sera Johnston claimed in March 2020 that Hutton had sexually assaulted her in 1983 when she was 14 and he was 22. Hutton was the subject of a criminal complaint from Johnston, but Hutton has denied all of the charges, arguing that they were all part of an extortion scheme.

Occasionally throughout the series, Nate is brought up, usually in the context of assisting Sophie’s progress. We briefly hear a reference to his heart racing, which is probably a sign that Nate died of a heart attack. The “old Nate” artwork that once hung in the Leverage offices and was displayed to visitors as an image of the company’s founder and an ancestor of Nate won’t appear without Hutton’s cooperation, though.

Nate won’t likely return if the show receives a second season because Harry won the team over throughout the course of the season. You may watch the series right now on IMDb TV if you haven’t already.

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