Way of The Hunter Tracking Guide Tips and Tricks

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We put together a tracking guide to help you excel at Way of The Hunter. This is not some fast paced action game. This is a tried and true hunting sim, and for that reason, it focuses on realism. There are many aspects to becoming a good hunter in this game, but learning how to best track animals is key to the game. And if you aren’t familiar with hunting IRL, you wouldn’t know that. With that in mind, we put together this useful guide to help teach you how to track your prey. And remember, patience is key here.

Way of The Hunter Tracking Guide

Walk, Don’t Run

This one should be obvious. Running makes noise and also is more likely to put your scent on the wind. Patience is key to a good hunt, and that means making as little of your presence known as possible.

Remember, this isn’t an action game. It’s a hunting simulator.

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Use Hunter Sense

We know this is obvious, but the hunter sense is your best friend in this game. And while you can only use it standing still initially, when you upgrade it you can use it while walking.

So focus on getting that upgraded as soon as possible.

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Binoculars are Key

Another obvious one, but remember, your basic line of sight will not always pick up on targets. Having the binoculars handy and becoming quick with it is key to tracking.

It’s also better to use them then your scope on your rifle, Save that for the kill shot.

Use Rifles

Shotguns might feel better and pack a punch, but rifles will be quieter and more precise. For that reason alone, we much prefer them over shotguns.

And who the hell hunts with a shotgun, anyway?

Follow Blood Trails (and Blood Analysis)

When you shoot an animal and it lives, it leaves behind a blood trail. This trail can then be analyzed and followed to ensure a kill shot.

And remember, aim at the heart, not the head for one shot kills with minimal damage to pelt.

Vantage Points are Everything

Do yourself a favor and always try to track and hunt from a vantage point. They are fairly easy to find, and they make the job much easier, as you always have the height advantage.

They also a great places to hide safely from the more dangerous predators hunting you while you hunt them.

If you properly utilize the above guide, you will be a master hunter sooner than you think.

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