Watch: How To Get Good At Collecting Retro Video Games (Without Breaking The Bank)

Video gaming has to be one of the more expensive hobbies out there, right? Other than, like, yacht collecting or space travel, of course, but out of the normal hobbies, it’s up there. Games themselves tend to cost anywhere from $20 to 80, and that’s before you get into things like physical versions and collector’s editions and DLC.

But retro games are even more expensive, thanks to a number of factors like rarity, age, condition, and some less-than-reputable sellers. But fear not, dear would-be collectors: Our Zion has your best interests at heart with his latest video for the NL YouTube channel, which will help you learn the tips and tricks to collecting retro games. And you can totally trust him: Have you seen his shelves? The man lives in a museum of video games!

Zion’s advice includes things like trading with friends instead of buying mega-pricey games online, and trying to get CIB (complete-in-box) copies to maximise their value.

Video Game Mess
A fraction of Zion’s gigantic collection — Image: Zion Grassl

What’s your best collector’s item? Did you find it at a tiny garage sale, or get it from eBay? Tell us your collecting stories in the comments!

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