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Imagine a scenario, you are in a restaurant, you have just finished your meal. The waiter is waiting for the bill. Now, as soon as you receive the bill, you notice that the water bottle which costs 20 BDT is charged 50 BDT on the receipt. It would be an unpleasant experience for you. Unfortunately, we often face this kind of situation. In such cases, to make the complaining process easier, you can now file a complaint online through vokta odhikar online complaint form.

Vokta Odhikar Online Complaint

জাতীয় ভোক্তা অধিকার অভিযোগ ফরম, ভোক্তা অধিকার আইনে জরিমানা, ভোক্তা অধিকার আইন কল সেন্টার এবং ভোক্তা অধিকার আইনের ধারা সম্পর্কে বিস্তারিত জানুন।

Offenses Under the Consumer Rights Act

  • Giving less amount of product than purchased.
  • Knowingly selling adulterated products.
  • Selling expired goods.
  • To sell or offer to sell goods or services at a price higher than the prescribed price.
  • To not write down the selling price, date of manufacture and expiration date, the effectiveness of the product, etc. on the product.

The above matters are punishable by law.

Vokta Odhikar Hotline Number

If a consumer files a complaint, the call center will provide redressal within 15 days in collaboration with the National Department of Consumer Protection. It will be open daily from 8am to 8pm except Fridays.

Call center Number: 01977008071 and 01977008072

Hotline Number

Rules for submission of application

If your consumer rights are violated in any way, shape, or form, you can file a complaint online. Before you fill out the form it is important to keep the following things in mind.

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  • Complete each step of filling out the form carefully when applying online and verify well before clicking the send button.
  • Incorrect or incomplete application for negligence will not be accepted.
  • Enter the next step by filling in the required information in one step.
  • As you enter the next step, the information from the previous step will be automatically saved in the system.

Vokta odhikar online complaint Form

  1. You have to fill in the red star marked cells in the application form. Filling in the other cells is optional.
  2. If there is a matter of payment at the time of application, pay through mobile banking or “e-Challan”.
  3. Upload the photo (if applicable) and signature on the application form. Then, upload the documents that need to be submitted with the application (size specified) by clicking on the “Attach” option.
  4. From the “Choose Office” option, select the office to which you want to send the application.
  5. Then click on the ‘Send’ button. You will instantly get a message which will say, “Your application has been successfully sent.”
  6. After sending the application you will receive a receipt. Save the receipt. In the future, you can click on the “Last Status of Application” button to know the latest progress with this number.
  7. It will be stored as a draft in your system until you submit the application. You can send it later.

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Vokta Odhikar Online Complaint Tracking

It is important to look out for your rights and be cautious when it is being violated. Oftentimes people in our country stay ignorant of these matters. Especially, when now it is more convenient than ever to file a complaint it is necessary to take that opportunity. You don’t have to fax, send a letter or go to the specific offices personally. With the vokta odhikar online complaint option you can ensure your rights from your home.

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