Video: Square Enix Releases New Official Trailer For Dragon Quest X Offline

Launching exclusively in Japan next month

Square Enix has released a third official trailer for Dragon Quest X Offline, due out for Switch, PlayStation and PC in Japan on 15th September.

This latest clip highlights the heroes. In case you’ve missed our previous coverage, this is a new version of the MMORPG that can be played completely offline. Unfortunately, there’s been no mention of the game being localised.

Last month in July, Square Enix also announced it would be releasing an ‘all in one’ Switch package for Dragon Quest X Online – including Version 1 to 6 of the MMO. The downside is it’s another Japan-only release. We’ll happily take either (or both), Square Enix.

Would you like to see the offline version of this Dragon Quest make its way to the west? Show your support below.

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