Video: Our Video Producer Showcases His Top Five Rarest Games

Chrono Trigger
Image: Nintendo Life / Zion Grassl

A few months back, our delightful video producer Zion was challenged by Jon Cartwright from Good Vibe Games to showcase the top five rarest games in his collection. While he didn’t get around to it right away (hey, we’re a busy bunch, okay?) Zion has now fulfilled his oath and produced a new video showcasing the true gems of his gaming collection; games that – if bought today – would surely make your bank account weep.

There are a few weird little oddities here, but also a couple of truely iconic video games that we’re certain would be the crown jewels of any gaming collection. One of them you might be able to guess right from the off, but the story behind how and why Zion managed to add it to his collection is well worth listening to.

Check out the video below and be sure to let us know what the rarest / most expensive game is in your own collection!

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