VCT Week 2 North America – A Complete Recap

The Valorant Champions Tour has been going at it for a full two weeks now and quite a few crazy matches took place over the past weekend. Here’s a recap of all the matches that happened over the weekend of VCT Week 2 North America!

This article will guide you through all the Valorant Champions Tour matches that took place over the weekend in the North American region. The top two teams from the region faced off against each other. Did Cloud9 beat the Optic Gaming Green Wall? Find out below!

VCT Week 2 North America Weekend Recap

There were a total of 6 matches that took place over the weekend and here are all of them!

VCT Week 2 North America Weekend Match 1: FaZe Clan vs. Luminosity Gaming

This nail-biting match series was the beginning of an amazing weekend filled with action, entertainment, and surprises!

Map 1 was Fracture which saw BABYBAY and dicey try their hardest to keep the match under control for FaZe and even though they fought till the end, Luminosity took away the last two rounds and took away the first map 13-11.

The next map, which was Icebox, saw yet another close fight between the two behemoths with dicey and BABYBAY yet again giving it their all but the destructive power of mada on Raze was a bit too much to handle for FaZe as they dragged the match to overtime but ended up losing 14-12 hence giving Luminosity the series 2-0

VCT Week 2 North America Weekend Match 2: Ghost Gaming vs. The Guard

Ghost Gaming went up against a team that had previously represented NA at Masters Reykjavik and proved to the world that in all their ghast, they were a force to be reckoned with.

In the first map of Haven, Ghost Gaming went for the early win as they took the map with a striking score of 13-1 not allowing a single player of the Guard to have over 10 kills even.

The Guard trent
Trent struggles to find his rhythm against Ghost Gaming (The Guard)

The map of Ascent is where the Guard made their comeback with JonahP leading the charge on Jett and trend, Guard’s resident duelist, on Sova where he did seem to be facing issues. The score ended up being 13-8 and The Guard brought up the series to 1-1.

The last map of the series was also the latest, Fracture saw the downfall of the Guard as Ghost Gaming managed to get past them with a staggering scoreline of 13-8 while also taking the series away 2-1

VCT Week 2 Weekend Match 3: TSM vs. 100 Thieves

Team Solo Mid went up against the winners of the First Strike tournament, 100 Thieves. While we did see some good efforts from the Thieves, Asuna not playing his comfort roles, and a distinct lack of coordination on the team made them lose the series.

On the Japanese map of Split, we saw a scoreline of 13-10 taken by TSM who have been putting up excellent games after their recent roster changes. Asuna was sadly the bottom fragger considering his potential.

100 thieves sauna VCT Week 2 North America
Asuna fails to perform against TSM (Riot Games)

The map of Haven was even worse for the Thieves as we saw a sadistic scoreline of 13-6 in favor of TSM. With Corey holding a KDA of 24/6/1, there was simply no chance for 100T.

VCT Week 2 Weekend Match 4: Evil Geniuses vs. Sentinels

The fan favorites were seen going up against an established organization in the form of Sentinels vs. Evil Geniuses and Sentinels continue to look for their past glory even after the roster changes and re-addition of their coach.

Even though Sentinels put up an amazing fight in map 1 of Ascent, it wasn’t enough for them as it was mostly dapr doing the heavy lifting while TenZ tried to find his rhythm on Jett again. The map went to Evil Geniuses 13-11.

The second map of Icebox was yet another close battle lost by Sentinels showing that they are lacking the closing skills required to win games. The scoreline was 13-10 and after an amazing performance by jawgemo, nobody can say the win wasn’t well-deserved. Evil Geniuses took the series 2-0

Match 5: OpTic Gaming vs. Cloud9

The reigning champions of Masters 1 Reykjavik were seen going up against Cloud9. Though they lost out on the first map, the comeback from OpTic Gaming was commendable.

It would seem that the weather on Icebox inspired Cloud9’s performance on the map. To be put simply, it was COLD. With quite the show being put up by Cloud9’s Xeppaa on Fade, they took the map 13-4.

Coming to Ascent, OpTic was eager for revenge and it would’ve been easy for them to lose their temper, but with FNS on their side, things were ‘all good’ as they had their sweet sweet revenge by finishing the map 13-5.

The last map of Haven was by far the most entertaining to watch as we saw moments that would’ve had you screaming if you were to watch them live. With a close 13-10 victory, however, OpTic sealed the deal.

Match 6: XSET vs. NRG Esports

As NRG proceeded to bring in the firepower necessary to maybe squeeze into an NA slot for Masters, XSET came in and shattered their hopes for the season.

The first map of Bind was a map where even after trying very hard, NRG was unable to make the map their own. dephh’s amazing performance on Breach was the disrupting force that led XSET to victory with a score of 13-8.

NRG som VCT Week 2 North America
s0m’s efforts go in vain as NRG loses to XSET (Dreamhack)

Moving on to Split, XSET yet again outplayed NRG and managed to pull away with a 13-9 giving them the series and another victory under their belt.

Well, folks, those were all the matches that took place in VCT Week 2 North America and we ask you to stay tuned because there are going to be more such exciting matches that we will be covering for you.

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