V Rising: How to Get Greater Blood Essence 

We have brought you the V Rising Greater Blood Essence guide that will tell you how to easily get this type of Blood Essence in the game.

After decades of sleep, you rise as a weakened vampire in V Rising, a vampire survival game. To restore your strength, you’ll have to seek blood. This will not be simple, as there will be several hurdles in your way. To stay alive, you’ll have to hide from the light. You’ll also need to turn the humans into your faithful servants in order to restore your castle and expand your vampire empire.

Blood essence in V Rising is a key source that you use as fuel and upgrade your Castle Heart. There are three types of blood essence in V rising: Blood Essence, Greater Blood Essence, and Primal Blood Essence. All of these blood essence has their own role in the game. In this guide, we will tell you how to get the V Rising Greater Blood Essence. Therefore, without wasting any time, read below to know everything about it.

the castle heart in v rising
The castle heart (YouTUbe)

Unlock Blood Essence ability

You will obtain the ability to craft Blood Essence as you progress through the game. You’ll only be able to make standard blood essence at first. Four Rats are required to create 10 blood essence. For 4 Tainted Hearts, you can also make 60 blood essence. You can also make the Greater Blood Essence and the Primal Blood Essence once you’ve learned everything.

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How to get the V Rising Greater Blood Essence

The V Rising Greater Blood Essence can only be used for upgrades and building, not as a Castle Heart fuel. As a building resource, it can be used to produce Servant Coffins, which unlock NPC servants that can be used for your personal army of darkness.

It is necessary to kill enemies of a higher level, usually, 20 or higher, to gain Greater Blood Essence. You will find these types of enemies once you go north from Farbane Woods. In the end, there is a relatively small chance that it’ll drop, but if it does, then just make your way through tougher enemies until you get what you need.

Blood essence in V Rising (YouTube)

Alternatively, you can craft Greater Blood Essence by killing the boss, Tristan the Vampire Hunter, who roams the center of Farbane Woods and is a very difficult boss to defeat. You should challenge Tristan once you’ve reached level 45. If you win, you can use either four unsullied hearts or 200 normal blood essence to make Greater Blood Essence. One more problem is that unsullied hearts are a rare resource. Therefore, it is easier to save ordinary Blood Essence to make Greater Blood Essence. 

Why Blood Essence is important?

To restore your Blood Pool in V Rising, you can either “Feed” or “Kill” enemies. Both are required for your survival. Blood Essence is used to build and protect particular parts of your Castle, such as the Grinder and Blood Altar workstations. Most notably, you’ll need a consistent supply of Blood Essence to avoid Castle Heart Decay. This is because it will prevent other online players from raiding your Castle.

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