US to buy 600,000 more doses of GSK-Vir’s COVID-19 antibody therapy

additional doses of sotrovimab would be supplied to the United States in the
first quarter of 2022, the companies said, taking the tally of doses secured by
nations worldwide to roughly 1.7 million.

The US
government in November had signed contracts worth about $1 billion for an
unknown number of doses of the treatment, after saying it would control the
distribution of sotrovimab.

given via an infusion, belongs to a class of medicines called monoclonal
antibodies which are lab-generated compounds that mimic the body’s natural
defences. Tests have indicated that it works against the fast-spreading Omicron

and governments are scrambling to bolster defences against Omicron with
testing, shots, therapies, as the variant threatens to become dominant globally
by evading protection offered by current vaccines and drugs.

GSK and Vir
said they expect to produce roughly 2 million doses of sotrovimab globally in
the first half of 2022.

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