Twitter User Finds New Undertale Secret, Years After Release

Image via Toby Fox

It has been seven years since Toby Fox released Undertale, and new things are still being discovered. In fact, while it may not change the game for many diehard players, a secret discovered by @arturiteprsnl on Twitter has many denizens of the underground confounded. In the penultimate area of the game, thereโ€™s a shortcut that makes getting to the area boss a bit easier. Read on to learn more about this shortcut.

It turns out, whilst navigating the topsy-turvy world of the CORE, a shortcut can be found. To the right of one particular intersection, thereโ€™s a wall panel with a barrier nearby. Interacting with the panel prompts the following text: โ€œI cannot fight. I cannot think. But, with patience, I will make my way through.โ€ While that might ordinarily be flavor text that has no impact on the gameplay, if you take it literally, the barrier opens. If you stand still for around a minute (~51 seconds in the above video), the barrier will open, letting you skip one of the more complicated and convoluted areas of the game entirely.

Twitter users are varied on their reactions to this discovery, but most express surprise and delight. โ€œit still boggles my mind that even after years have passed since undertaleโ€™s release, little details and secrets r still being uncovered,โ€ said one user. It would seem, however, that there are some users who claim to have found out about this before, which isnโ€™t necessarily surprising.

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โ€œMy sister and I discovered this by accident. Long story short, mom called us to do something and when we came back, that barrier was no longer there- I was like โ€œWait, patient is the key!โ€ My sister and I laughed so hard about it lmao,โ€ said another user.

Undertale is available for PC, OSX, Linux, PS4, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. If youโ€™re interested in stories like this, why not check out our list of the best Undertale fan games?

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