Tracey Hinds Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki [Updated 2023]

Tracey Hinds-Biography

Macy Gray’s ex-name husband is Tracey Hinds. Macy Gray is a singer-songwriter, musician, record producer, and actor from the United States. She is also noted for her peculiar raspy voice and a singing style that is largely influenced by Billie Holiday.

Tracey, on the other hand, is a mortgage broker. Let’s find out more about him down below:

Macy Gray: Tracey Hinds Husband

Tracey Hinds is Macy Gray’s ex-husband.

They were lovebirds before they got married. Tracey and Macy reportedly married in 1996, shortly after they began dating. Their marriage lasted only four years, according to reports, and it took some time for them to split. The couples were continually second-guessing themselves. They were even on the point of reconciling.

They divorced in 1997, while Macy was expecting their third child. On the other hand, she seemed to play a significant influence in Gary’s musical career, as Macy Gary’s first debut and best-selling album “On how life is” was recorded with Hinds.

Tracey Hinds Wiki & Age

Tracey Hinds’ age is most likely the same as Macy Gray’s.

Macy is 57 years old and was born in 1967 in Canton, Ohio, USA. On September 6, she will celebrate her birthday with friends and family. He has not, however, given his precise age or date of birth to the world as of yet.

Tracey’s biography, unlike that of his wife Mary, is not yet available on Wikipedia.

Children of Tracey Hinds

Tracey and Mary have three kids. She had two children in 1995: a daughter, Aanisah, in January and a son, Tahmel, in December. Furthermore, she and Hinds split in 1997, while she was pregnant with her third child, Happy.

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When asked about Tracey’s relationship with his children, Macy stated that he has been out of communication with her and her three children for several years.

What happened to him?

There is no information about Tracey’s current location.

He is currently out of the spotlight and prefers to remain low-key.

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