Top Speed 1.42.3 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) Download

Do you love speed? However, the long-distance racing games make you feel tired and have not fully shown your peak driving ability? Then try Top Speed MOD APK, a drag race game released by T-Bull. On the short track, do your best, take control of the car, accelerate and reach the finish line!

Introduce about Top Speed


Top Speed is a typical drag racing game. Therefore, its gameplay is very simple and easy to access. Throughout the game, you just need to wait for the right moment to hit the gas. The car will automatically move and accelerate throughout the journey. On the screen, you can see a speedometer. There are also some blue areas. When the gauge needle points to this area, you press the button with the arrow icon to accelerate the car.

Top Speed mod apk

To be honest, Top Speed is like a tool for measuring the accuracy and quick response of the player. In such a short race, you only have a few opportunities to accelerate. If you touch the screen when the clock hands have not stopped in the blue area once or twice, you do not seem to have a chance to win. Of course, this is only relative, as the first levels are easy to play. The game’s AI makes many mistakes and often gives you a chance to overcome them. You can also play again if you are defeated.

What do you have to do to win each race?

As the difficulty increases, you can’t seem to make a mistake even once. Sometimes, the opponent owns a class A racing car, with a powerful engine, you can’t even finish before him even though you show a very good performance. What do you have to do then?

Top Speed download

A good start is one of the key factors in every race. At prep, you have 3 seconds to prepare before the race starts. You need to press the accelerator, keep the speedometer in the green area. Meanwhile, the car will leap forward, leaving the opponent behind. In fact, some formidable competitors also do not miss this opportunity.

In addition, each vehicle is also equipped with a nitro tank. And it’s your second chance if you don’t do well when starting the car. During migration, nitro will be recharged automatically. You can use it when it is fully loaded. Note that nitro can only be used once. You should choose a decisive moment to defeat your opponent in just a split second.

Race car system

Each car in Top Speed is designed quite meticulously and in detail. They have their own parameters, you can check them in detail in the garage. The system also gives an overall rating so you know how well the car is rated.

Top Speed screenshot

Top Speed has a lot of car models that are designed based on reality. They are ranked from first to fifth. Initially, you can only buy 1st tier vehicles. But as you complete more missions, beat more opponents, you can access a collection of more advanced vehicles.

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Upgrade your cars to increase your stats

This game offers short races with crime tycoons on the streets. You’ll have to beat them to get to the next level, and of course, that is not easy. They have experience with cars with powerful engines. So you also need to upgrade the engine and replace the components to make the car stronger and faster.

Top Speed has a detailed upgrade and replacement system. There are many different models of components, from the wheel, engine, starter, nitro, turbo, body, or transmission. The system will pre-display the upgrade results to show you which stats have been increased. Upgrades cost a lot of money. The cost for the next upgrades will be higher than the previous upgrade. If your finances are good enough, you can opt for a comprehensive upgrade. At that time, the car’s stats will be boosted to the maximum.

MOD APK version of Top Speed

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You get a lot of money and diamonds after using it.

Download Top Speed MOD APK for Android

Top Speed is not the new drag racing game on the market. You can also refer to CSR Racing 2, a very remarkable game. However, Top Speed has quite a few unique features and content such as leaderboards, street racing mode, Versus mode, and Boss Battle. If you are a racing enthusiast, this is the game you should try once.

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