Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels In The World

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Do you have a wanderlust desire to visit different places in the world? Then, you may think that hotels charging $1000 per night is quite expensive. Well, let me tell you that there are hotels throughout the world ranging from around $30,000 to $ 100,000 per night. Yes, you heard it right!

From world-class facilities and extraordinary penthouses to incredible underwater seating arrangements, these hotels have it all.  Their staying arrangements can change your definition of opulence. So, if you are up for a solo trip or want to go on a romantic vacation, and money is not a constraint, then this list is just for you.

Top 10 most expensive hotels in the world!

For making your annual vacation trip a once-in-a-blue-moon one, here is a list of hotels for you. They are taken from various sources around the web. So, let’s with the least expensive one.

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Burj Al-Arab

While talking about the most expensive hotels in the world, let’s start with the Royal suit of Burj Al-Arab. The hotel is made on a man-made island that can only be accessed by the mainland by a private curving bridge. It is the first 7-star hotel, with awe-inspiring decorations and architecture, resembling a sail of a ship. Its royal suits, on the 25th floor, are an example of a beautiful Arabian aura of luxury. Decorated with 22 karat gold and an underwater restaurant and private helipad around 210 meters above sea level, it charges around $28,000 per night (Charges may vary with seasons).  So, if you are looking for 24 hours assistance with a massive 780 square meter carpet area, private dining area, lounge, and opulence bathrooms for your holiday trip, book your stay now!

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The Plaza New York

So, after the royal suite of Burj Al-Arab, here’s another royal suite for you, in the Plaza of New York. With a private elevator, oak to Edwardian rooms, and a magnificent view of Fifth Avenue and the famous Pulitzer fountain, the suite is a breathtaking blend of historical and contemporary ideas. At a rate of $40,000 per night, you are getting 3 lavishly decorated bedrooms, 3 bathrooms spangled with 24 karat gold, and a private dining room, all set up in a 400 Square ft. carpet area. The suite provides 24- hours butler service as well if you don’t want to stay in the room all day. Apart from the royal suite, there are a terrace room, a large private library, and a huge living room with a large piano, for your recreation. Could you ask for more? To make your vacation mind-boggling, check out their The Plaza New York for further details.

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The Hilltop Villa Of Fiji

In the middle of the lush green hills of the island of Fiji, The Hilltop Villa is the perfect choice for nature lovers. Away from the metropolitan chaos, with alluring views and exotic views, it charges around $45,000 per night. At this rate, you are getting three villas. The first one is the “the Delena” which has a master bedroom with a bespoke fitted wardrobe, a private library, and a private pool with a hot tub and waterfall. The second villa, “The Dua” comes with the above-mentioned specifications with sliding doors separating all the rooms. The third one is “The Rua” which has a separate living area and a private pool. So, if you are up for a family holiday or a bachelor’s trip, feel free to book this luxurious hotel in the lap of nature.

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The Muraka, Conrad

Ever wondered about living in an underwater suite? Hotel Conrad of Maldives has their suite The Murak, the world’s first underwater hotel suite. The suite is about 2 stories tall of which 16 feet are below the Indian ocean. With two bedrooms and an ocean-facing bathroom with an infinity pool on the upper level and one bedroom with a curved acrylic dome and floor-to-ceiling glass window in the bathroom, underwater, the suite is a true example of grandiosity.  Per night charges are about $50,000. But hold on! 4 nights is the minimum stay requirement. This hotel is one of the best for your romantic vacation.

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Hotel Martinez- Penthouse suite

If you are a fan of art, then the Penthouse suite of Hotel Martinez is the choice for you. With a 1000 square ft suite on the uppermost floor and a stunning awe-inspiring view of the ocean from your own wood-paneled terrace, you can enjoy paintings of Picasso and Matisse on the wall of the suite. A perfect blend of art with modernization! King-sized beds in each of the four bedrooms, private dining and living room, and marble-floored bathrooms in the city of France are what you are getting for just $53,000.

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Four Seasons- Ty Warner Penthouse

If you are visiting New York City and want to stay in a luxurious hotel, you can go to the Ty Warner Penthouse in Hotel Four Seasons. From the topmost floor of the hotel i.e. 52nd, you are going to have a panoramic view of the beautiful New York City. In a 400 square meter carpet area, one bedroom, rock crystal bathroom, and magnificent infinity tub. Also, you can get a private elevator.  Their way of farewell includes chauffeuring a Roll Royce during departure. The main attraction lies in unlimited massages that you can get which are free. For all these, you just have to pay $50 million per night. Sounds exciting!

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The Mark hotel- The Grand Penthouse

Ever thought of getting a spacious penthouse of 10,000 square ft for $75,000 a night? The grand penthouse of Mark hotel in the US is offering exactly the same. 5 bedrooms, 4 fireplaces, 6bathrooms, 2 powder rooms, 2 wet bars, and a large living area with a 250 square meter terrace giving you a panoramic view of Central Park and Metropolitan Museum is what are they offering. The living room has its own spark; it can be transformed into a 26-foot ceiling ballroom for your party. Sounds royal! Yes it is, so book now and be the king/queen of New York for a while!

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Hotel President Wilson – The Royal Penthouse

Visiting Switzerland sounds cool right? And staying in the most luxurious hotel in Geneva, Switzerland is just cherry-on-the-top. The Royal penthouse in the Hotel President Wilson is on the 8th floor of the hotel giving you a panoramic view of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc. With 12 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, and a Jacuzzi bath is what you need to satisfy your opulent desire. With luxurious furnishing and personal attendant and a private chef may make you feel royal. 24/7 security and bullet-proof glasses make it the safest hotel ever, and all these for just $80,000. You can reach all these by your own private elevator!

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The Palms – The Empathy Suite

The Empathy Suite of the Palms is the second largest expensive hotel in the world. It is the perfect blend of beautiful architecture and valuable artifacts, the first-hand choice for art lovers. For just $100,000, you will get two master bedrooms with bespoke wardrobes and floor-to-ceiling windows, massage tables, a cantilevered Jacuzzi, and a relaxation room. With 9,000 sq. ft of lavish and artistic accommodation, the Empathy suit provides you with an experience like nothing before! Guests are also allowed to visit the collection of artifacts.  So, if you’re visiting Las Vegas, feel free to treat yourself to a stay in the middle of Damian Hurst originals. 

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Lover’s Deep

With around $150,000 per night, it is the world’s most expensive hotel with 5-star accommodation under the waves. It is not like any other hotel on the list as for this, you need to go underwater in a submarine. With your own captain, private chef, speed boat and helicopter transfer,  and beach landings, you can navigate around the Caribbean sea. The hotel is the epitome of luxury and your orders are the ultimate thing there. The hotel claims to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience to lovers. Two-person shower and champagne-soaked breakfast are what make your vacation more romantic. Wonder staying in the most expensive hotel in the world!

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With bizarre and mind-blowing prices, you will experience some extravagant stays at least once in a lifetime. Spoil yourself a bit with accommodation in the world’s most expensive hotels. So, which one is your favorite luxury stay? Share us your luxury hotel bucket list in comments.

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