This Is How Jane Foster Becomes Thor


It’s been eight years, seven months, and six days since we’ve last seen Jane Foster.

Jane Foster makes her triumphant return to the Thor films after years of being absent in the franchise. In the latest trailer, we see her in a different light now that she has transformed into a vigorous hero. So, how does Jane become Lady Thor, and will she be the new God of Thunder? Let’s look at her timeline in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and comics to understand this newest change to the films.

How Jane Foster Becomes Thor

According to the comics, Jane takes on the godly mantle when Thor becomes unworthy of Mjolnir. Unfortunately, she also has breast cancer but is “cured” whenever she transforms into her hero state. It is still unclear if Thor: Love and Thunder will follow this story path since the film’s version showcases Thor wielding his Stormbreaker, a weapon that doesn’t even belong to him in the comics.

Jane Foster becomes Lady Thor
Source: Marvel Comics

So, how exactly does Jane become worthy of the “Lady Thor” title? We can clearly understand this transformation by examining her events in the MCU. First, we know she is a genius astrophysicist because she found the God of Thunder through her research and hard work. We could also look at how Jane once absorbed the power of the Reality Stone in Thor: The Dark World.

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Because of Foster’s brilliant capabilities, and her time spent with the mystical powers of Asgard and one of the Infinity Gems, it makes sense for her to be worthy of the title. But, now that she has taken on this role, fans have wondered if Thor will step down after the film’s end, similar to Captain America in Endgame.

Is Jane Replacing Thor as God of Thunder?

During an interview with Total Film Magazine, Taika Waititi reassures fans that this film will not be a “passing of the torch.” He continues to explain how he isn’t entirely sure about the future plans for Marvel, but he can confirm that Thor will still be the main hero, despite Jane’s new powers.

Thor’s comic book series also follows this statement since he still fights in many great wars and battles. So we’ll just have to see which direction Thor: Love and Thunder will go, and fans can’t wait to see him join alongside his once love, Jane Foster, in the showdown with Gorr the God Butcher. 

Now that you know how Jane Foster becomes Thor, you can anticipate more information once the movie is officially released. While you’re here, you can also check out our feature on 10 things to remember before seeing Thor: Love and Thunder and explore any of the relevant links below.

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