The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch Season 3 Cast, Who Are The Cast In The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch Season 3?

The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch

A two-season reality television program called The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch explores and documents inexplicable paranormal and extraterrestrial happenings on the iconic property, which is situated in native territory in the northeastern corner of Utah in the United States. The show, which has been showing on the History Channel since March 31, 2020, is in season 2, ending on July 6, 2021, after 10 episodes. The show Curse of Oak Island, another History series presently seeking a 9th season renewal, and the program are closely related.

The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch Season 3 Cast

1 Brandon Fugal 
2 Travis Taylor 
3 Bryant Arnold 
4 Thomas Winterton 
5 Erik Bard 
6 Jim Morse 
7 Kandus Linde and Tom Lewis 

Cast Of The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch Season 3

Brandon Fugal

The proprietor of Skinwalker Ranch is Brandon Fugal. Brandon serves as the Chairman of Colliers International in Utah, one of the most well-known business people and property developers in the Intermountain West. The aerospace tycoon Robert Bigelow’s Skinwalker Ranch was purchased by Brandon in 2016 so that he could look into and research the unusual and eerie phenomena that have been recorded there for more than 200 years.

Travis Taylor

The best-selling author and engineer Dr. Travis Taylor has master’s degrees in physics and astronomy and PhDs in optical science, engineering, and aerospace systems engineering. Taylor has worked on numerous high-tech projects for the Department of Defense and NASA over the past 25 years.

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Bryant Arnold

Bryant Arnold, who goes by the nickname “Dragon,” is the ranch’s chief security officer. Bryant has been a dependable friend and counselor to Brandon Fugal for more than 25 years and plays a crucial role in daily ranch operations. As a qualified shooter and security specialist, Bryant is a certified, armed private security officer in Utah.

Thomas Winterton

The Superintendent of Skinwalker Ranch, Thomas Winterton, is in charge of managing ranching operations, as well as the upkeep of the land, its buildings, and equipment. He also aids in investigations. He has a profound understanding of the UFO phenomenon at Skinwalker Ranch and the surrounding area because of his distinct background and experiences, particularly the extraordinary things that have happened there.

Erik Bard

Erik Bard is the Skinwalker Ranch’s Principal Investigator and Chief Scientist. In addition to overseeing all studies, he installed a state-of-the-art surveillance system that monitors the whole site continuously. Bard offers a lot of expertise and his insatiable curiosity to investigate the weird occurrences reported on Skinwalker Ranch because he has collaborated with Brandon on different scientific projects for the past ten years.

Jim Morse

The manager of Skinwalker Ranch is Jim Morse. Jim, a well-known and successful real estate developer and businessman, has spent more than 25 years working with Native American communities in the Intermountain West, establishing scholarship funds for their children, and supporting initiatives for American Indian Services.

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Kandus Linde and Tom Lewis

One of the Skinwalker Ranch’s caregivers is renowned anthropologist Kandus Linde. They currently reside in the ranch home Homestead One with Tom Lewis, a well-known technologist. They help with various experiments but are primarily responsible for keeping an eye on the cattle and other exotic animals brought into the ranch for research.

About The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch

Series  The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch
Director  Mark Marinaccio 
Genre  Reality TV



Release date  March 31, 2020
Country of origin  United States 
Language  English 
Network  History Channel 
Duration  42 minutes 
Also known as  Curse of Skinwalker Ranch

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