The Best Dendro Traveler Build in Genshin Impact

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Prior to the addition of the Sumeru region to Genshin Impact, there were no characters that used the Dendro element, so it was always tantalizingly out of reach. Nowadays, though, not only are there Dendro characters, but your own Traveler can assume the Dendro element themselves. Here’s the best Dendro Traveler build in Genshin Impact.

The Best Dendro Traveler Build in Genshin Impact

Utilizing Dendro with the Traveler is all about maximizing elemental DPS. Their Elemental Skill, Razorgrass Blade, launches out a quick flurry of leafy projectiles in a fan, while their Elemental Burst, Surgent Manifestation, summons a Lea Lotus Lamp that deals continuous Dendro AoE damage. You want these abilities to come out as quickly as possible, and deal as much damage as possible.

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For a Dendro Traveler, the best possible weapon is the Freedom-Sworn. This bad boy gives a baseline boost to Elemental Mastery, while its passive skill, Revolutionary Chorale, provides stat-buffing sigils every time you trigger an Elemental Reaction. Since you’ll be slinging Dendro moves around a lot anyway, you might as well get a buff for it.

Alternatively, you can opt for the Sacrificial Sword. This weapon has a chance to instantly reload its cooldowns every time you use an Elemental Skill. It’s not as fancy as the Freedom-Sworn, but you can’t deny the sheer utility of such an ability for Skill-focused builds.

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If you’re looking to absolutely maximize your potential with Dendro for your Traveler, look no further than the Deepwood Memories set. If you’ve got at least two pieces of this set, you’ll get a flat buff to all Dendro damage you deal, but if you’ve got the full set of four, then every time you hit an enemy with your Skill or Burst, their Dendro resistance gets slashed. We’re talking about consistently lowering damage resistance against your primary element.

That said, if you have another Dendro character, the Deepwood Memories would probably be better used on them than the jack-of-all-trades Traveler. In that case, your next best choice is the Gilded Dreams set. Two pieces in this set provide a flat buff to your Elemental Mastery stat, and all four pieces give you Attack and Elemental Mastery buffs based on how many members of your party have the same or different elemental affinities, respectively. If you’ve got a varied team, you can get an easy boost to your Elemental Mastery.

In either case, you should prioritize the use of Artifacts that buff your cooldown rates, Elemental Mastery Dendro damage, and critical rate for good measure.

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