Survival in Rome 1.12.1 APK + MOD (Gems/Energy) Download

Gladiators: Survival in Rome MOD APK is a Survival Action game that combines with City Building in a rare Roman Gladiator theme. In the game, you are a gladiator with big dreams. Playing the game, you will witness the entire life of this great gladiator.

Introduce about Gladiators: Survival in Rome

An action survival game combined with City building in Roman Gladiator theme!


Gladiators: Survival in Rome is about the life of a gladiator in ancient Rome. You not only observe gladiators, but also the lives of farmers and warriors, and you will live in a peaceful but challenging and equally dramatic world. A life worth living will unfold before your eyes in this unique action-survival game.

Gladiators: Survival in Rome takes players through many different vivid scenes such as peaceful villages, dark dungeons, fierce battlefields, the whole vast rich city, or a wide river where you train newly joined young gladiators every day… It is this diversity that has made Gladiators: Survival in Rome receive a lot of support from mobile gamers everywhere. The diversity is also an effective compensation for the somewhat passive gameplay of this game.

The gameplay is diverse, a bit passive but there are too many things to experience

Why do I say it is passive? For example, when you need to eat and drink a lot to strengthen the body of the gladiator, immediately the game offers a place for you to collect a large piece of meat (no need to search far away). The fire is also immediately available (no need to light a fire), then you just need to throw the piece of meat into the kitchen (no need to cook), so immediately the character transforms into a muscular guy (no need to exercise, just eat and drink). In many cases, everything is available, you just need to do something easy to have what you need. As a result, the character’s activities are sometimes a bit lacking in initiative, and you hardly need brainstorming before doing something.

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But in return, there are a lot of activities to experience. Survive and grow in Rome, saw wood, build houses, hunt, eat, fight enemies, free teammates, relax with friends, train young warriors, explore dungeons, and build your own city…

Not only focusing on a certain aspect, but Gladiators: Survival in Rome also is a combination of all living, working, and fighting activities of the Roman gladiator. By joining him, you will gradually feel like you are a real fighter. The feeling of being part of the flourishing Roman Empire is also quite nice. And since there are so many such activities that are sequentially, seamlessly, and logically, Gladiators: Survival in Rome will never get you bored.

The game focuses on Survival Action and City Building. At the same time, it offers the art of storytelling that is fun, witty, and full of energy. The fighter character is built full of energy, and boundless youth and he always wants to conquer every peak. You will go with him from the lowest rung: find a way to survive in a new land, work on the farm together with the villagers, cut wood to build shelters, and train him for the gladiator career. Then the war breaks out continuously. You stand up, gather the young men in the village, forge weapons, get equipped with armor, then fight and defeat the enemy, and establish feat after feat to finally become the top gladiator in Rome. Then you build your army and wealth to build a city of your own. This is the highest goal of the gladiator in the game.

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Fighting is the most active activity in the game

The battle screens in the game are also designed quite elaborately. The gladiator will use extraordinary power to break the door to the enemy’s barracks, find out the secrets hidden at each station, collect resources, loot, free prisoners and slaves…

In the battle, you can choose the weapons and choose the most suitable battle tactics to complete the goal.

In each combat activity, you need to show your agility and ingenuity to keep the initiative in all situations. The battle phase will be the place to show a much higher initiative, getting rid of the available passive status of other activities.

The most important factor is still the survival factor

The element of survival is a core part of Gladiators: Survival in Rome. You have to pay attention to the gladiator’s Health and Stamina Bar (Blood Bar). Every time you get hit by an enemy, you will lose blood. When you do many things a day continuously without getting more food, the energy scale will drop.

The only way to maintain the best body condition is always ensuring the character is full of blood and eats well. This gladiator loses his life not only if defeated, but also if he runs out of food and energy. And when in combat, when the energy level is too low, your aim and attack will also lose strength and accuracy.

So, the key is not to get hit and not to go hungry. If you do this well, you will have many hours enjoying the character’s life journey.

Download Gladiators: Survival in Rome APK & MOD for Adnroid

Survive in a strange land, then fight, farm, harvest, and build… You will do a lot of things in this relaxing survival simulation game. You cannot ignore the 3D graphics and flexible context of this game. If you are passionate about the survival genre and want to find something different, play Gladiators: Survival in Rome now! 

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