Supergiant Teams Up With Fangamer To Launch New Line Of Hades Merch

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If you’ve played Hades, you’ll almost definitely wish that you had a huggable, squeezable version of Cerberus in your own home, for company and pats. Fangamer has you covered, dear friend: They’re launching a new collection of Hades merch in collaboration with Supergiant Games!

The collection will include a “There Is No Escape” T-shirt, a sweatshirt with art of Megaera, two pins of Zagreus and Nyx’s chibi faces, a full-colour poster of all the characters, and plushes of both Cerby and Dusa, your two best pals.

The collection goes live on July 26th, and promises new merch alongside “the return of old favourites”. You can sign up on Fangamer’s website to be notified of the launch. European customers can buy from the US store, which ships worldwide, or save a few Euro by going to the EU store — although it sounds like they will have less of a selection.

Are you a Dusa fan? Or do you want to rep your love for Hades in T-shirt style? Let us know in the usual place…

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