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Super Mario Maker is a game – software that allows us to create Mario scenes completely to our liking. What do you guys think of this idea?

Introduce about Super Mario Maker

Become a professional designer creating every scene based on Mario stories.

Mario’s charm and why Nintendo decided to make this game

Mario is already too famous, covering hundreds of big and small game titles. But in essence, Mario is still the embodiment of the classic Platforms with typical skills of running, jumping, landing on the opponent’s head… Anyone who has played the game since the time of the tape machine understands the attraction of playing this way.

Super Mario Maker 3DS ROM on APKMODY

In 2014, Nintendo first released the Super Mario Maker game (on the Wii U, then on the Nintendo 3DS), which is considered a “custom” product from the original Mario of the old game console. In this new version, players are allowed to build and create their levels. This idea was warmly welcomed by people everywhere. That’s why we’re here to talk about this game.

Speaking of Super Mario Maker, it must be said that the ability to create a full-fledged play scene is a gift from Nintendo to users.

In Super Mario Maker, we have four game modes:

  • Create a course
  • Super Mario challenge
  • Course World
  • Course bots

First, I will talk about the most divine game mode, Create a course

Creating the scene feature is fully shown in the Create a course mode. In this game mode, it can be said that the player has extremely powerful game design software.

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In a platform game, the scene design is an important link that creates logic, knots, and interesting situations to guide the player to follow the game’s intentions. And with this game mode of Super Mario Maker, this is your mission. You can do billions and billions of things to create your unique gameplay most easily and simply.

The structure tree of this course creation mode of the game follows the deductive form. That means you will design from the most general, then break down gradually the smaller components in it. First, you can choose a graphic style (classic, pixel art, pseudo 3D…), choose related themes (of course on the background of Mario stories) such as castles, seabeds, dungeons… There are many “main dishes” and “side dishes”.

The “dining table” has 4 main dishes: Platform type (the main character’s operating mechanism), enemies (how they attack), items (coins, gold, mushrooms, lives) and finally special effects (fire chain, smoke spray, freeze…).

Nintendo has come up with this idea and made it properly, seriously, fully since 2014. Like a true genuine app, the elements of game design are neatly placed on an easy-to-understand, intuitive interface. Besides, there is also a small demo for the designer to imagine what he has just chosen when the game is released.

If you wondering what it would be like to do all these tasks on mobile? I always answer that it’s easier than on the Nintendo. You just need to touch, drag, pick up…

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In addition to the main dishes above, a series of side dishes are also available for you to freely change. You can change the scrolling speed of the scene thereby changing the overall tempo of the game, choose background music, effects through the scene, the size of the monsters, the brightness of the scene…

Story mode, Super Mario challenge

In this mode, you will follow the plot classically and familiarly. Princess Peach was kidnapped by poisonous mushrooms and imprisoned in a castle with a huge fire dragon guarding day and night. Your task is to go through about 18 levels to save her. Each level has a task set, sometimes to kill the boss, sometimes to get an important item. But actually, I find this story mode besides playing for fun like normal games, there is a real purpose. After playing this mode, you will have more experience creating scenes in Create a course mode.

Or you can do the opposite, create a basic level first, get some experience and play Story mode to compare what you’re creating, it’s good or bad, and then goes back to creating the next scene. I often do this and come up with some cool tricks.

What is Course World?

It’s a self-made scene mode with another player. I don’t think I’m good enough to play this, but I always keep thinking: a guy must be very good to dare to show off his game to the world or he is the type of addict who has nothing to lose, go ahead and don’t care who likes or dislikes his finished product.

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Super Mario Maker screenshot

Course World is also a place for you to have the opportunity to share or try it out on the most voted scenes every day. This is exactly what I like. Since many people are highly intelligent, the scenes they make are honestly much more exciting than the original Mario scenes. But there are a few terrible scenes that will make you lose your temper.

Up and down of all kinds of moods is what you can have when playing Course World mode.

Course bot mode

Support for the scene creation feature is the Course bot mode. Rather, this is a short-term training course and also a place to store the levels you created in the first feature. There are quite a few demo levels in the Course bot mode for you to learn and follow. Because of the emphasis on training, the entertainment aspect in this mode is not as much as the real scenes in Story mode.

Download Super Mario Maker 3DS ROM & CIA for free

Super Mario Maker has 4 game modes, all 3 have been spent or used to support Scene Creation. With the other Story mode, it’s also used to relax or get inspired after a while of sitting around and designing. So in short, Super Mario Maker is a game – software that creates a scene playing in the background of the Mario story.

Guys, it’s so interesting and funny. Download and play Super Mario Maker now, mobile touch screen is easier to play than before.

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