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Story of Seasons is an agricultural simulation role-playing video game series created by Yasuhiro and developed by Victor Interactive Software, with cute Ghibli characters but a much deeper plot and story.

Introduce about Story of Seasons

Farming and living a dream life.

The land where a dream life begins

In Story of Seasons, you play as an urban teenager (you can choose to be a male or female character). One day you receive a flyer in which a remote rural Oak Tree Town is looking to “recruit” an elite farmer to take over one of the town’s great farms. Don’t know anything about farming but you want to take a risk, leave the city and go to the rural to see how far you can go. When you’re in there, you realize that Oak Tree is a destiny for you. The kind residents will teach you how to farm, raise livestock and manage the farm, and they also give you the hope that you can help restore the Trade Depot (international market) that is fallowed in Oak Tree.

A land where you can do whatever you want

The gameplay of Story of Seasons mainly revolves around farm development. At first, you were just a frivolous city girl looking for some fun on a beautiful farm. But everything in there changed your life into a real farmer girl. Just like other farming simulation games, the player’s task will be to cultivate, take care of pets, plants, create valuable items and then sell them for money to upgrade their farm slowly…

You will have to learn, gather information, knowledge from the kind residents to know, and then carefully buy seeds, seedlings, and farming tools to be a real farmer. In addition, you also experience enough interesting jobs just like in real life, such as making tools, mining, river diving, breeding fish, catching fish, cooking…

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Story of Seasons is also a game that very attaches special importance to the emotional aspect. Each character in the game has its own story, and almost all of them are associated with some tasks that our girl has to perform. Each time you complete helping someone in the village, you will receive Love points and can receive gifts from the person you helped. A gift can be an extremely valuable piece of information or a useful item for your upcoming work. But even if you don’t get anything in return, you still want to help them because it makes you feel very helpful, and you can understand more about each living person around you. It was a truly warm feeling.

The land where you realize your health is very important

Without health, you can’t do anything. This stat is shown in the upper left corner of the screen as 5 heart-shaped levels. The heart will gradually decrease when you work, labor, and perform any big and small tasks in the game. And you will recover by eating, sleeping, sitting in the hot spring…

If you use all your heart, you will faint and wake up in Dr. Marian’s hospital and it will take at least a full day of sleep to regain your strength. That means you can’t do anything. That’s why farming is the best way to help you live in moderation and take care of your health every day.

 Buying and exchanging

The game will have a lot of shops. Like Mistel Antique Shop, Corona Shop, Dr. Marian’s clinic, Otmar’s grocery store, Ranger’s restaurant… There’s a pretty practical but very good and true-to-life principle in the game is that you can take advantage of big discounts from one store, buy them at a retail price then resell them at a higher price later.

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The game also has the exchange of goods with merchants. At first, in the game, there was only one friend, Asche from Silk Country. Gradually, 6 more merchants from Cabin Country, Sakura Country, Wheat Country, Rose Country, Tropical Country, and Ice Country. Each merchant has its specialty. For example, Sakura Country sells oriental-themed items like Bamboo, and Rose Country sells herbs and flower seeds.

About farm tools, pets, and crops

Pets in Story of Seasons are very diverse such as cows, chickens, dogs, cats, horses… Each has its habits and requires its way of care.

Taking care of pets in the game also requires a lot of effort and time, not just playing and playing. For example, combing sheep’s wool, you have to brush until the hair is bright. When you neglect, the animal will be stressed. If the stress is too much, it will get sick or run away from home. But if the disease will have to be taken to treatment, you need to spend money on doctors and medicines.

Crops are the primary source of income in the game. In order for crops to grow, you must first clear the field from weeds, rocks, boulders, branches, and stumps… Each season will have different types of crops and some types can be grown all year round, so it is necessary to choose suitable and reasonable seeds to have a good harvest. Many plants can be grown in the game, such as Burdock Root, Andes Potato, Sugarcane, Chili Pepper, Lily, and Hibiscus… A greenhouse or basement can be used during the winter to grow crops and you can grow anything without worrying about the season.

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There has never been a farm simulation game for me as many farm tools as Story of Seasons. At first, I only had Old Hoe, Old Watering Can, Old Ax, and Old Hammer given by Eda. After that, they were given more Old Milker and Old Brush. And there still have 100% new items such as Sickle, Fishing Rod, Pitchfork, or Clippers… You can buy them later.

Dating and marriage

Most Story of Seasons games offer the ability to marry. Through the quests and dialogues, you will have a few choices to love such as Fritz, Kamil, Klaus, Mistel, Nadi, and Raeger if you are a female character or some pretty girls like Agate, Angela, Elise, Iris, Licorice, and Lillie if you are a male character. The process of love is gradually measured through the love scale by flower color. And when you’ve decided to love someone, you will have to reach the red flower level, attend four events with that person, upgrade the size of the house, and propose at the Blue Feather.

Download Story of Season 3DS ROM & CIA

Story of Seasons is one of the legends of the farm simulation village with beautiful 3D graphics. Play once to feel all the dream life in the promised land. Download the game now!

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