SSC Result 2024 Marksheet With Number Easy DOWNLOAD

Education Board Bangladesh publishes SSC result 2024 marksheet with number. On the day of publication of exam results, students became very interested to find their SSC exam result easily. In this article, we are going to reveal all the methods of finding SSC results online for the convenience of the students. It is amazing news who are attending Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination 2024.

For your kind attention, the Madrasah Board Dakhil Exam Result under the Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board, Technical Board Vocational Exam Result of the Technical Board are published on the same day. After successfully finished the SSC exam candidates are eagerly waiting for their Results. After publishing the SSC Education Board Result some students go to their institute to check the Notice Board of school. This year’s pass rate is satisfactory. The Madrasah Board too.

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SSC Result 2024 Published Date

What is the SSC result 2024 published date or SSC result Kobe dibe is the common question for all SSC candidates. The day of the SSC result is a memorable day for all. Today we will give you a piece of actual information about the “SSC result 2024 date” as per the

Education Ministry of Bangladesh notice. So I think all SSC examinees are happy to hear this update news.

This Year SSC Result 2024 Will be Publish on 31st September 2024. Both practical tests and written exam result will be published at the same time.

From the statistics of the result publishing date, result publish within 60 days after finishing the SSC exam. All

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Chittagong along with technical education has been publishing results in this method for 10 years.

As per the graph from Google news, we can see SSC results generally publish between April to June. 

History of SSC Result publish date

Year Date
SSC Result 2020 31 May 2020
SSC Result 2019 06 May 2019
SSC Result 2018 04 May 2018
SSC Result 2017 04 May 2017
SSC Result 2016 10 May 2016
SSC Result 2015 30 May 2015
SSC Result 2014 17 May 2014
SSC Result 2013 09 May 2013
SSC Result 2012 07 May 2012
SSC Result 2011 12 May 2011

SSC Result Published Date

Result Publishing Procedure

After checking the SSC examination paper, teachers submit it to their respective education board Bangladesh. The inspector of the board of education rechecked some exam papers at that time.

As per rules, the results handed over to Prime Minister along with the concerns of the Minister of Education and the State Minister for Primary Education. Detailed results are released at a later press conference.

The Education Minister released the SSC, Dakhil board result, or Madrasa Board result and equivalent result as well as the Alia Madrasah Education Board at the Ministry of Education at 11:00 Am.

On the other hand, the state minister for primary and mass education announces the results at 1:00 pm.
Results are available online or at institutions at 12 PM. Results can be viewed from the Board of Education website

How To Check SSC Exam result 2024

These are all the various methods through which students can check their SSC result 2024 easily. Follow any of the processes and check the results instantly without any hassle. Online method and SMS method are among them.

There are several ways to check SSC results online. The result from Education Board Bangladesh and Web-Based Result Publication System For Education Boards are very popular among them. There are also different ways to check school-wise result and board-wise result. We will discuss all the methods here. So that anyone can easily find the test results.

In addition, get your SSC Exam Result to visit

Result From Education Board Bangladesh Official Website

Education Board Bangladesh result publish on SSC result 2024. This is the official website of the Bangladesh education board.

On the SSC result publishing day, a large number of students collect results from there. Students easily get SSC exam results from the official website. How to check the SSC results step by step is discussed.

educationboardresults ssc result

  1. At first, go to’s official website. There are 6 options in the new window. Such as Examination, Year, Board, Roll, Reg: No, and Captcha.
  2. Select SSC/Dakhil from the Examination drop-down button.
  3. Enter your passing Year 2024.
  4. Choose your Education Board from this area. Such as Barisal.
  5. Write Your Roll numberExample: 1234567
  6. Write your registration number in the Registration area.
  7. Fill in the Captcha box. Look at the left side, under the Reg: No. You can see an equation. Example 1 + 7, like this. If this mathematical equation result is 8 then write 8 in the captcha area.
  8. Finally, click on the “Submit” button below.

After a moment, you can see another window where your SSC education board result will be available. Now check your name and father’s name etc to be confirmed.

SSC Result From Web-Based Result Publication System

Web-Based Result Publication System For Education Boards are very popular for checking SSC Result 2024 Marksheet With Number. is their official website. It is an easy and fast process to check results.

After the results are published, most of the students visit there to check the SSC results along with the marksheet. So Masksheet is very essential for every student. There are some rules to get the result easily. We are going to explain all the rules here. Let’s get started.

eboardresults ssc result

  1. At the first visit the official website. Initially, you can see four options, such as Examination, Year, Board, and Result Type. Select the option that you want.
  2. Click on the first drop-down arrow button named “Choose One” in the Examination area. Select SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent.
  3. The second option is the Year. You need to select your passing year 2024.
  4. Select your Board from this area. Example- Dhaka.
  5. Click on the Result Type drop-down arrow button. You will see some options. Such as Individual Result, Institution Result, Centre Result, District Result, Institution Analytics, Board Analytics. If you want to get your single result then select the “Individual Result” option from the list
  6. Then automatically you will get three information boxes. Write your correct Roll number.
  7. Write your registration number. It is optional and you can get SSC result without the registration number.
  8. This is the Security Key option. Middle of the Security Key text and Reload red button you can see colored text. This is the security key. Look at the key then type this key into the white box. Click on the red “Reload” button to get a new security code.
  9. Finally, Click on the “Get Result” green button.

A new window will have appeared in front of you. This window will show you the SSC exam 2024 result. Check your name, father’s name, etc to be confirmed.

Check SSC Result 2024 by SMS

You can check SSC Result 2024 by SMS. You will need a mobile phone to check your results.

Go to your mobile phone message option and then type like below instruction.

ssc result by sms

SMS Format

SSC  1st 3 Letter of Your Board Name  Your Roll Number  Your Exam Year and send it to 16222.

Example: SSC DHK 778899 2024 and send 16222

Education Board Short Code

Education Board Short Code
Dhaka Education Board DHA
Mymensingh Education Board MYM
Rajshahi Education Board RAJ
Comilla Education Board COM
Chittagong Education Board CHI
Barisal Education Board BAR
Sylhet Education Board SYL
Dinajpur Education Board DIN
Jessore Education Board JES
Technical Education Board TEC
Madrasah Education Board MAD

There are some factors-

  • SMS charge of 2.30 TK is applicable for each SMS.
  • One SMS is applicable for one result.
  • All mobile operator’s SIM is eligible for this process.

School Wise Web education Board Result

Official Website:

  1. At the first visit, the Education Board Web-based Result System For Institutions. Now you get an interface and Give your boards S.S.C exam information there.
  2. Select your education board name.
  3. Enter your EIIN Of your School.
  4. Now select Type of Result “SSC/Equivalent”.
  5. Finally, Click on the “Get Institution Result” Button. At last, you will get the whole school SSC result by this method.

school wise result
Board Wise SSC Education Board Result 2024 BD

Every education boards have an official website. Madrasha board is not except them. They have published the Board’s S.S.C exam result in Bangladesh separately after publishing the result. Every board has board wise website. Just visit any website and check the SSC corner or SSC Notice board to get updated information. As well as you can check the Dhaka board S.S.C result 2024 from here. Please see the below method.

ssc <span class=

Education Board Official Website
Barisal Education Board Check
Chittagong Education Board Check
Comilla Education Board Check
Dhaka Education Board Check
Jessore Education Board Check
Mymensingh Education Board Check
Rajshahi Education Board Check
Sylhet Education Board Check
Dinajpur Education Board Check
Technical Education Board Check
Madrasah Education Board Check

SSC Result Dhaka Board 2020 Marksheet

Dhaka Education Board is one of the biggest boards in Bangladesh. It is called an education city in Bangladesh. They give a better performance in SSC Examination. Moreover, the SSC students of the board of intermediate and secondary education of Dhaka are also much smarter and more intelligent than other boards. If you are a Dhaka board SSC examinee you may visit the right place. Dear Dhaka Board Examinees now we are giving a piece of great news for you. 

Dhaka Board has its own official website. We can view our results through that website. Apart from the official website, it is possible to see Dhaka Board SSC Exam Result through SMS. It has already been explained how to view the SSC results through the official website. Let’s know the SMS format.

SSC  DHK  Your Roll Number  Your Exam Year.

Example: SSC DHK 778899 2024

And send it to 16222.

SSC Result 2024 Mymensingh Board

Students of Mymensingh are very intelligent. You can also check the Mymensingh Board SSC Exam Result by mobile SMS. As well as the website. After publishing the result you can check your result easily. Besides, result also available in web-based result systems and education board websites. The Mymensingh board SSC result checking process is very easy. See the SMS format of the SSC board of intermediate and secondary education.

SSC  MYM  Type Roll Number  Year.

Example: SSC MYM 974859 2024

And send it to 16222.

SSC Result 2024 Dinajpur Board

Dinajpur Board is well-known in Bangladesh. Every year a large number of Hughes students participate in the SSC examinations under the Dinajpur Board. He is always ahead in terms of results. This year also a large number of students have taken part in the SSC examination from Dinajpur Board.

You can use their official website to view the SSC results. is their website. You can also view the test results in the same way through the SMS system.

Jessore Board SSC Result 2020 Published Date

Jessore board students get good results every year. Every year a large number of candidates join the SSC examination of this board.  Once upon a time, Jessore Board was the largest education board in Bangladesh. Later, established some new education boards. Jossore board also conducts Jessore board SSC examinations. And the test results can be seen directly through their official site and SMS.

SSC Result 2024 Sylhet Board

Like all other general boards, Sylhet education Board conducts SSC examinations. Every year a huge number of students get good results from this board. The board of intermediate and secondary education will publish Sylhet Board SSC Exam Result through the official website of this board. Results can also be checked through the SMS system.

SSC  SYL  Enter Roll Number  Exam Year.

Example: SSC SYL 3544559 2024

And send it to 16222.

SSC Result 2024 Rajshahi Board

Rajshahi Board of Education is a reputed and old education board of Bangladesh. It was established in 1961. This board of intermediate and secondary education also conducts SSC examinations. Rajsahi Education Board SSC Exam Result is satisfactory. Visit to see the SSC result in Bangladesh. You can also see the Rajshahi Board SSC exam result through SMS. SSC Examination of Rajshahi Board is the same as other districts.

Barisal Board SSC Exam Result

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Barisal Official is an institution is responsible for supervising JSC, SSC, and HSC examinations. Also responsible for supervising private college and school, control, and development. It started operations in 1999. The education rate is higher compared to other districts. 

Compared to last year, the Secondery School Certificate results of the Barisal Board have been better this time. you can check your result online and mobile SMS. So follow our rules to see your results.

There are several simple rules for viewing SSC results of the Barisal Board. You can easily find out by following any one rule.

If you want to see your results, please read our entire post very carefully. Hopefully, you will get your results soon.

Three to four ways to check results are the most popular. We will discuss them step by step. So let’s discuss the easy ways to see your results. Keep reading the post carefully.

There are many methods of checking SSC results of the Barisal Board, it is easiest to view results online. You can watch your results online as long as you have an internet connection.

To see your results online, go to the official website of the Board of Education. You can also check result by visiting the respective board website. Typically, the Board of Education has two official websites. You can easily display your results using any official website.

Link 01: (To check grade and marks)

Link 02:

Chittagong Board SSC Exam Result

Are you looking for SSC exam Result 2024 Chittagong Board? Couldn’t find the result even after visiting many websites? Then you are in the right place. From here you can check the results of the SSC examination of the Chittagong Board. There are some rules for checking SSC results, you need to follow these rules. The SSC results of the Chittagong Board will be published all over the country simultaneously. You can check the results from here or also check the website of the Bangladesh Board of Education.

To get the result of the Chittagong board of intermediate and secondary education SSC Result 2024 with a full marksheet, you have to wait for 3/4 hours from the time of publication of results.

Follow the procedure below to know your Chittagong Board’s SSC Result through Mobile SMS

  • Go to your mobile’s message option
  • Go to the New Message option
  • Write SSC in the message
  • Then give space and write the first 3 letters of your education board – CHI
  • Then give space and write the roll number of your Chittagong board – in English
  • Then enter the space and enter your exam year – 2024
  • Finally, send the message to 16222

SSM Format> SSC CHI 123456 2024> Send To 16222

When you come back, you will get the SSC result 2020 of the Chittagong Board

Comilla Board SSC Result

How to view SSC Result 2024 of Comilla Board including Marksheet. Comilla Board SSC Result 2024 You can easily collect from here with marks and grade. Every year on the day of SSC results, the Minister of Education hands over the results to the Prime Minister. It will then be published on the Board of Education website.

It is not possible to view the results on the official website of the Bangladesh Board of Education at the right time after the results are published. Server problems occur as a result of huge visitors. The ability to handle so many people at once is not possible for the official website to see the results of the Board of Education of Bangladesh. So everyone has to accept the consequences.

Those who want to get the results of the board of intermediate and secondary education of Comilla Board in an easy way can easily get the desired results first through our website.

The Comilla Board will publish the results on their own website at noon. So those who are candidates of Comilla Board will get the results very easily.

The results are not published with the full marksheet at first on the common website for viewing the results of the Bangladesh Board of Education. But the results with full marksheet will be available after the results are published on the official website of the Cumilla Board. To Check the official website of the Comilla Board clicks here.

SSC GPA System 2024

GPA stands for Grade Point Average. The Grading System is a great way to create results. There was a time when results were published on a divisional basis. Such as Fast Division, Second Division, Third Division, etc. At present results are published on the basis of GPA and CGPA.

However, the result of the S.S.C examination is given on the basis of GPA. See the table below for information on GPA. Now you are given all info.

Marks Range Grade Point
80–100 A+ 5
70–79 A 4
60-69 A- 3.5
50–59 B 3
40–49 C 2
33–39 D 1
0–32 F 0

How SSC GPA is Calculated?

The SSC exam evaluates the 8-letter grade point. There are, A+, A, A-, B, C, D, and F pointing systems. If any student got 80-100 mark in a subject it is called A+, and its point is 5. 70-79 marks is A, the point is 4, 60-69 is A-, the point is 3.5, 50-59 mark, it is B and point is 3, 40-49 marks are C, the point is 2, 33-39 marks are D and its point is 1.

Finally, if anyone fails in a subject it’s called F, and the point is 0. Among them, 8 is a major subject and 1 is an optional subject. Leaving two points from the optional subject, the remaining points will be added to the main point.

At the end, the GPA (Grade Point Average) will be (32.5-2) = 30.2/8 = 3.81 [here, 32.5 is total Point, 8 is total subject]

Pre-Registration to Get SSC Result 2024

This is the first time in Bangladesh, S.S.C, or equivalent exam result 2024 will be sent to the candidate’s guardian’s phone number via SMS. Only for these reasons, the education board has introduced the pre-registration process. Students can do this through SMS. The Education board took this decision for safety issues due to COVID 19. After publishing the result they will get results automatically via SMS. How to apply for Pre-registration? See the below process.

First, go to your mobile’s SMS option and then type-

SSC <space> Board Name (First 3 letter) <space> Roll <space> Year and then send to 16222.

Example: SSC BAR 123456 2024

SSC Re-Scrutiny or SSC Board Challenge

SSC Re-Scrutiny or SSC Board Challenge is the most important topic for a student. Behind this, it can change a life. At present every person is aware of education. If a student thinks he should have done better than the published result, he can apply for a board challenge. It is one of the most vital information for all SSC candidates.

By the way, we have another article to know SSC Board Challenge Process and SSC Board Challenge Result. Check now SSC board challenge.

board challenge


Q. How can I check my SSC result online?

A. All Processes are given above.

Q. What is the date of SSC Result 2024?

A. Higher Education Division Secretary Mahbub Hossain told the Daily Star, S.S.C, and equivalent result 2024 will be published after the declaration.

Q. How can I check my Marksheet 2024 SSC?

A. We have already declared about this topic. 

Q. When candidate will get a Scholarship?

A. After completing the public exam intelligent students will get scholarships. Both male and Female Students have the same priority.

Q. Why SSC Result 2024 Is Important?”

A. As we know, the S.S.C exam is the last exam at the school level. Every year millions of students take part in the exam with lots of hope. After the ending of this exam, some students admit to the coaching center to admit to the best college in Bangladesh. This examination is very important to get admitted to colleges or higher secondary schools.

Admission to the best college depends on the SSC exam result. Because the better result will be required to admit to the best college. On the other hand, a student’s career depends on the result. So it is mandatory to get a good GPA.

Final Word

In the end, in Bangladesh, the Secondary School Certificate result is the last step of 10 years of study. After passing this exam students take college admission. We all expect a good GPA. A good SSC result can change our life. So we think it is helpful information. If you want to know the XI Class Admission notice then read another article.

Therefore, in order to get good results in the SSC exam, the examinees have to study carefully. Only a well-educated student can give the gift of an educated nation.

By the way, we hope everybody’s SSC Result 2024 will be very good as expected. And If you love this article, do not forget to share it with friends. Good luck to everyone.

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