Soul Eater Resonance Codes (August 2024)

Polymorphing weapon friend optional.

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Soul Eater was one of the big hits of mid-2000s Shonen Jump, telling an action-packed story of rookie reapers of souls and comical witchcraft. While both the manga and anime have long since ended, it still has a healthy fanbase, thanks in part to fan games like Soul Eater Resonance. If you want to be the best reaper you can be, try using some Soul Eater Resonance codes.

Soul Eater Resonance Codes

The following codes and their rewards are confirmed to be active as of August 25, 2024:

  • celebrationtime – Reward (New)
  • anewleaf – Reward (New)
  • bigslamdunk –20 free spins

Meanwhile, the following codes are confirmed to be expired and inactive as of the same date shown above:

  • resetstuff: Stat Reset
  • powerhouse: free spins
  • blackstar: free Color Spins
  • bestfriend: free spins
  • friendly: free spins
  • 3mvisits: free spins
  • Likes20k: free spins
  • 2mvisits: free spins
  • 1mvisits: free spins
  • likes15k: free spins
  • likes10000: free spins
  • likes7500: free spins
  • likes3000: free spins
  • likes1250: free spins
  • likes500: free spins
  • launch: free spins

How to Use Soul Eater Resonance Codes

To use a code in Soul Eater Resonance, just launch the game and click on the button with the picture of a ticket on the upper menu bar. You’ll get a code input window, where you can paste in one of the codes listed above. Click submit, and you’ll receive your rewards right away.

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We’ll be keeping a running record of all past and present Soul Eater Resonance codes here on this page, so make sure to keep us bookmarked! If you think we’ve missed something, though, you can scope out the developer’s official Twitter page.

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