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Sonic Generations is a game version from SEGA that celebrates Sonic The Hedgehog’s 20th birthday. In the game, you play as two characters, Sonic of the past and Sonic of the present, holding hands to fight the eternal enemy, Dr. Eggman.

Introduce about Sonic Generations

The young green hedgehog and the mature one hold hands to battle a timeless monster!

The background and story

Sonic Generations is a game SEGA made on the special occasion of the 20th anniversary of its hit Sonic series. When it was released, SEGA was in a tight position, not knowing how to enter the US market and fight against Nintendo which is too strong with the famous Mario friend. One fine day, in the US National Park, Sonic The Hedgehog was born from the idea of ​​​​combining two entertainments that every American likes, such as speed and spinning games. Even the creator of Sonic didn’t think the character he was going to create would become a legend, for the foreseeable future and decades to come.

Still the story of the blue hedgehog hero Sonic going from place to place to fight against all the dark plots that want to invade the entire planet of Dr. Eggman, the game’s final boss villain. In this special edition of Sonic Generations, after being defeated in Sonic Color, Dr. Eggman accidentally caught a mysterious creature with the ability to travel through space and time called Time Eater. He used the Time Eater to return to the past and teamed up with his past version to kill Sonic.

You start the game with the past Sonic (I’ll call it Sonic #1) in the Green Hill Zone setting. At the end of the stage, the Time Eater appears to attack. The game switches to the scene where the current Sonic (I’ll call it Sonic #2) is celebrating his birthday when the Time Eater comes to make trouble. All of you are sucked into the time gaps (which were the previous levels of the Sonic series).

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Sonic #2 himself is unconscious in a white space. Sonic #2 finds the Green Hill Zone and you will start playing in the familiar 3D scene which is now stranger because it is covered with a white mist of the time gap. If you win this level, the Green Hill Zone will have a bright color again, and Tails, Sonic’s best friend, will also appear. At this point, Sonic #1 and Tails #1 reunite Sonic #2 and Tails #2.

While the villain teams up with its past version, the green hedgehog also shakes hands with his past version to set out to fight the world annexation plot of Dr. Eggman. The green hedgehog team will also solve the rotated timeline and save the friends who are wandering around in the time gap.

Besides differences between generations, the classics are still handed down

There is still the Sonic blue hedgehog with the ability to move extremely fast, even up to the speed of sound. The game rhythm is therefore also extremely fast and attractive. Sonic throughout the gameplay is constantly looking for gold rings which work to help you increase your score and protect Sonic from dying when stepping on spikes or being hit by enemies. The more rounds the better. But beware of special scenes such as underwater battles. Swimming fast or deep diving is no problem for Sonic but being in the water for too long will lose oxygen.

So, in addition to collecting gold rings, Sonic also has to constantly get air bubbles to maintain his life. You will overcome, fight monsters while trying to get bubbles and rings, and swim quickly because the scrolling scene is getting faster and faster. Just thinking about this combo is enough to give you a headache.

In respect of Sonic #1, in addition to the faster tempo, the more beautiful, detailed, and vivid 2D images, everything including the gameplay remains the same.

As for Sonic #2, he will have a few more improvements compared to Sonic #1. Specifically, there is a Boost button for Sonic #2 to go forward quickly instead of curling and then launching like Sonic #1. And every game scene will be on a 3D scene.

Switching back and forth between 2D and 3D brings a very indescribable feeling, sometimes nostalgic, sometimes energetic, eloquent and you will feel like being lost in a modern, attractive world. The smooth transition without awkwardness is truly an art, which is also an addiction for Sonic Generations enthusiasts.

Everything in Sonic Generations happens at a faster pace. The color performance and the impressively refreshed scenery will make you feel like you’re playing a whole new game. Sonic hero speed is also significantly faster. In return, the monster appears more brutal, more sudden, and the scrolling speed of the screen also increases two or three times. That makes the game much more challenging.

In this game, you will have a total of 18 rounds, each round is an interesting surprise where old and new experiences intertwine to make you go from burst of emotions to indescribable surprise. Mini-games are also full of excitement. For example, the memory test or the classic Pinpall game have been remixed to be more novel, although the gameplay remains the same.

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Although there is a little bit of innovation, the classic explosive battles from the past to the present are all well recreated in Sonic Generations, such as Sonic vs Shadow (Sonic Adventure 2) which was once loved and endlessly praised; or the landslide battle between Sonic vs Perfect Chaos, the strongest and most formidable monster in the entire series.


The music in Sonic Generations must be ranked at the top in mixing old DJ remix songs into a new song in the game world. It sounds brand new. From the old songs in the original game to the latest Sonic Forces’ songs named Sonic Color have been recreated, in a modern, agile, and more exhilarating way. The sound effects of moves, weapons, and fighting are mostly preserved. You’ll still hear the jingle sound when Sonic collects the golden rings, the rushing sound like the wind when dashing towards the enemy… But in this version, everything happens at a faster pace, especially when playing with Sonic #2.

Download Sonic Generations 3DS ROM & CIA

Sonic Generations is the strangest, most attractive, and most unexpected Sonic game. The good point is not only in the improvements on the “mature Sonic” with attractive 3D scenes but also in the already legendary gameplay scenes which are now refined to bring you into the nostalgic world of the old days. The game is very fast-paced, you may note that if you are the type of person who likes to go leisurely like the plumber Mario. Sometimes it’s good to change the wind.

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