Solstice Armor Destiny 2 2022, How To Upgrade Solstice Armor In Destiny 2 2022?

Solstice Armor Destiny 2 2022

This year’s Solstice Armor Destiny 2 was launched recently this Tuesday on 19th July,2022 and it was just like a solstice armor destiny festival which got so much hype and was popular among all the game lovers.this activity was called as Bonfire Bash,it creates a new experience with the brand new armor with the upgrading experiences  for the gamers. The characters in this game are called “Solstice” or else by the name “Solstice of Heroes”.  

How To Upgrade Solstice Armor In Destiny 2 2022?

To upgrade Solstice Armor in Destiny 2 2022, is the main things in  this Solstice armor, 

  • Silver Leaves 

  • Silver Ash

  • Kindling 

Silver Leaves 

Silver Ash

  • In this Silver Ash, you have to transform the silver leaves to the Silver Ash by completing the new activity called as Bonfire Bash 

  • Then, now spend silver ash to reroll to the armor mod screen 


  • Kindling is the completely challenging game

  • You can complete by spending Kindling by upgrading the stat roll potential and also you can upgrade it for three times 

  • By taking the slot armor,you can upgrade for anytime which you can share across all pieces. 

  • If you get the upgrade, soon you will get the inventory and many future helmets and you can get the access for the tier 3 rerolls.

How Solstice Upgrade Works?

The game has introduced the three differences in the game and it was developed by Bungie. The main introduction in the game is currencies, that helps to change the armor stats and Silver leaves is with the lowest currency, and the Silver Ash is the reroll of the armor stats, and also  it upgrades the armor stat roll potential that helps to play the game in a good and well manner. 

When Does Destiny 2 Solstice Of Heroes 2022 Start?

The Solstice of Heroes is going to be started on 19th July,2022 and ends on 9th August. The latest update was updated by sharp 10 am PT, 6pm BST as per the UK time. To see this update, you can see it through the offline mode by sharp 7 am and 10 am PT. So you  can watch this update through offline mode also.

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