Software engineer was run over and killed in Mirpur. Wife says police changed name of accused

Mohitul Ahmed Rony, 42, was hit by the car when he was walking to his office from home. Locals caught a man named Imran Fahmi and handed him to the police after the accident.

Rony’s wife Sabrin Mostarin says she named Imran as accused in the case, but police changed it and made another person accused.      

But the police have dismissed the allegation, saying the name of an accused cannot be altered.

“Two people cannot be named in such a case, because only one person was behind the wheels and the person who left the driving seat after the accident was accused,” said Mostajirur Rahman, OC of Mirpur Model Police Station.

Sabrin named another person, Touhidul Islam, in the case, according to police.

Sabrin said Mohitul grew up in Mirpur-2 and opened a software firm after study. The office is situated at walking distance from their home.

On the day of the accident, a white sedan ran over Mohitul and hit a rickshaw, a motorcycle and another car.

Locals caught Imran on the spot and Sabrin named him in the printed case dossier she submitted in the evening, she said.

As the family were busy at the hospital mortuary to get Mohitul’s body, a sub-inspector came and asked her to sign another copy of the case dossier with Touhidul’s name on it, Sabrin said.

“We had an altercation with the police over the matter. But they wanted to make Touhidul the accused.”

A video of the accident showed people rushing to the scene after the car hit Mohitul and other vehicles. A person got off the car by opening the door on the right side where the driver sits.  

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Habibur Rahman, a car mechanic of the neighbourhood, said he rushed to the spot and saw the victim in a bloodied state.

The locals caught Imran who admitted that the accident occurred after he had mistakenly pressed the accelerator pedal, said Habibur.

Abu Toyob, the husband of Mohitul’s sister, said they named Imran after the locals said they caught him at the scene of the accident.

“But police told me to write that the driver fled after the accident,” said Abu, an assistant professor of Dhaka Children’s Hospital.

“We declined to lodge the case and came back at 2am on being confirmed that Imran was driving the car.”

He also said police told them Touhidul had admitted to driving the car during the accident.

Imran is the owner of the car and he does not have a driving licence, according to Sabrin and Abu.

Asked about their allegation, the OC said, “We can prove through investigation who was driving the car.”

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