“So much more justice” – Andy Roddick hails lower camera angles in Tennis

Andy Roddick applauds the advanced camera angles which enhance the overall tennis viewing experience

Former World No.1 Andy Roddick took to Twitter to applaud the advanced techniques and camera angles that enhance the overall viewing experience of the audience watching on devices like television, laptops, and mobile phones. Roddick shared a video clip on Twitter which was recorded from his own television set during the match between Alejandro Davidovich Fokina and Zapata Miralles in the Estoril Open.

“These lower camera angles do tennis so much more justice ……. Movement, spins, pace, speed all so much easier to digest from this angle”, tweeted Roddick, who is evidently impressed with the viewing experience.

Lower camera angles are basically court-level angles which give the viewers a more realistic point of view of what players actually experience on the court. This makes it more engaging and a closer to reality representation for the viewer.

Fans share their opinion on the effect of low camera angles on their viewing experience

Fans have broadly agreed with Roddick’s statement. They believe court-level telecast is the next big thing in sports. It certainly gives a more realistic representation of the action happening in real-time.

“Next step in sports… VR cameras, so you’ll be able to watch around the pitch / court as you want, even sit down on the players seats mid-rally, walk into the end zone etc. It may take a lot of data yet, but no reason why it can’t be done wt current tec. Will be crazy”, tweeted a fan who believes that advanced technology can help viewers enjoy the matches like never before.

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“Agree 100%. The overhead view you get on tv makes the game seem slow. Very hard to appreciate the pace of the ball and how hard the players work on each point. Smaller Tourney’s like the citi open in DC give you a real appreciation of spin, pace, effort etc”, wrote another fan who completely agreed with Roddick.

Another fan agreed with the point of view but believes watching in the same angle throughout the match will make the experience very one-dimensional.

“Definitely adds to the spectacle and it’s a great angle to appreciate someone’s play and the rigours of a tennis match, but an entire match from this perspective would be rather one-sided and tough for a home viewer, imho”, he wrote.

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