Best Things to Smith in Runescape for XP and Profit

Runescape. When you hear this name you’re either transported to better days playing late at night or you’re a newcomer who has heard of the game but you’re hesitant to try. Remember the earlier days when you’re on tutorial island learning how to smith and cook shrimp? Still to this day Runescape is an incredibly popular MMO. It’s garnered tons of loyal fans, has had plenty of memorable events happen, and is one of those games where you can stop for years but still come back to it. For those of you that want to make millions in the game the biggest question is how to earn GP. In this guide we will teach you how to using smithing on Runescape to acquire the best XP and make a profit.

Smithing in Runescape

What is smithing and why is it a popular skill to learn to make money? Smithing is a skill you learn early on in the game. When you’re on tutorial island you’re introduced to mining copper and iron ore so you can use it to later smith bronze items. At first it may seem tedious as you advance the skill by how slow it can be and how difficult it is to get ore, especially if you’re playing an iron man account. You can either get ore the old fashioned way or you can buy your ore at the grand exchange. Smithing requires you to smelt ores, participate in the blast furnace, and use the Artisan’s Workshop to make the process faster.

Best things to Smith in Runescape for XP & Profit

From 1-99 you are on a mission to finish the skill fast to earn a cape. As of April 2010 you can now train your skill to reach the max 120 level which gives you bragging rights on your no life status. In this guide we will break down by levels on what you should smith in order to acquire XP and profit. The end goal is to make money in the game while also capping your smithing level fast. Here’s what you need to smith in order to gain XP and to make a profit.

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Smithing 1-30 Bronze

Bronze items aren’t that popular as you progress in levels. This is because there’s way more stronger items out there and bronze items are just an introduction to combat. You’re going to want to smith until you reach level 30 or you can try doing quests that will reward you XP. Those quests you can do are Doric’s Task I, What’s Mine Is Yours, Elemental Workshop I, & Doric’s Task II. These will help you obtain level 30, until then, try smelting bronze bars until 30. After you reach 30 just sell the bars since bronze items themselves are not in high demand.

Smithing 30-50 Steel

Smelting steel bars is a great way to earn money and XP in Runescape. Players these days are lucky because now we have access to a coal bag which will give you extra space to collect ore. Head over to Keldagrim where the popular Blast Furnace is located. Place 27 coal pieces in your inventory at the bank and then place them on the conveyor belt. Go back to the bank and take out another 27 coal and iron ore. Place them both on the conveyor belt where you can start making steel bars. This is a great method for making money by selling the bars and gaining XP. You can also do the quest Doric’s Task III at level 30 for some experience, as well as, Elemental Workshop III at level 33.

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Smithing 50-70 Mithril

You’re going to realize that Keldagrim is your home base when you’re smithing. When you’re creating Mithril bars you’re going to want to do the same process as listed above, however, you’ll need a lot more coal. Instead of using iron you’re going to want to collect Mithril ore to make Mithril bars. These are great to create when trying to gain XP and make a profit because as you advance, demand in higher quality armor, will rise. Be sure to also check out Doric’s Task IV for some smithing experience since the requirement is level 40 smithing to complete. You can also start Doric’s Task V at level 50 and Between A Rock, as well as, Defender of Varrok at 54. At level 60 you can start Doric’s Task VI for additional experience. When you reach level 65 you can do another Doric Quest, Doric’s Task VII. At level 67 you will have the opportunity to complete Hero’s Welcome. You’ll start to notice that there are lots of quests you can do to gain smithing experience.

Smithing 70- 85 Adamant

Same process as Mithril and Steel. You will just need Adamant ore instead of Mithril and make sure you collect lots of coal for this one. Create Adamant bars at Keldagrim and sell them at the Grand Exchange to make some nice money. At level 70-82 you can do a few quests to help boost your smithing experience. Those quests are Doric’s Task VIII, The Void Stares Back, King of the Dwarves, A Clockwork Syringe, and Birthright of the Dwarves.

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Smithing 85-99 Rune

Probably one of the best material you can have to make some nice armor pieces. Rune is an accomplishment. Back in the day, when you sported an entire outfit that consisted of nothing but Rune you were legendary. You had bragging rights. Now, it’s not so uncommon, but it’s still a great way to boost smithing and make some money. You will need four times as much coal as the other methods and obviously you will need rune ore. Just follow the same method at Keldagrim and make those Rune bars to gain experience and money later on. At this level you will need to have 85 smithing in order to complete a mini quest called Sins of the Father, but other than that, just keep making runes and make that money.

Got your smithing cape yet? Made some money? We hope you did! If you found this guide useful come check out our other guides. Here at we offer guides, tips & tricks, and gaming news on upcoming and popular gaming titles.

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