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Rune Factory 4 is part of the simulation game series Rune Factory which is quite popular on the Nintendo 3DS. In the game, you play as a hero who is suffering from temporary memory loss and living a dream life in a peaceful village until all memories come back and a series of fiercest battles await.

Introduce about Rune Factory 4

Leaving the town to the village? It’s not easy!

Fate doesn’t allow you to be leisure in Rune Factory 4 even when you want

Rune Factory is part 4 of the Rune Factory series in the genre of life simulation combined with adventure role-playing. In the parts, Rune Factory 4 is the most outstanding game because of the expansion of content compared to the previous parts. It expands in content so much that I must say it is like a “full flavor hot pot”.

It means that you will not only enjoy the field, do leisurely things to enjoy nature, but also go through other ups and downs of life, enter conspiracies and fight the aggressive evil to protect your peaceful life.

The game has the return of the main character and the cast of new supporting characters like Amber, Dolce, Dylas, and Leon, which is a new one itself. Not to mention that the rhythmic combination of game genres and the seamless storyline (although sometimes a bit too poetic) has made it a true work of art in the 3DS era. And it has been still valid to this day.

The plot

The story begins with the loss of the main character’s mind. Being hit by bandits from a hot air balloon and falling right on top of a dragon, you, as Lest (if you choose to play as a prince) or Frey (if you choose to play as a princess) have lost your mind. With the passionate advice of the guardian dragon Ventuswill, you will farm to restore your memory (wth?).

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Each scene will be a small integrated story for revealing the background of each person around you, thereby linking into a content chain that takes you to much bigger secrets. The climax is when you discover the terrifying annexation plot of the neighboring kingdom Sech, who is always looking for Selphia’s magical energy.

The gameplay mixes many interesting specialties

In the beginning, the game will give you a rocky field with some basic farming tools. You need to follow the instructions carefully to start clearing your land. You will continuously cultivate, sow, water, watch and harvest. The fields are expanding and fertile while the crops are also becoming more abundant with many colors. Most importantly, you can grow plants anywhere, not as limited as the previous parts of the series.

After having settled down with the farm, you, as prince/princess, will move on to making roads, building big construction such as hospitals, weapon forge, motels… to attract more visitors.

An indispensable part of the Rune Factory series is the Love story. This romantic dating stage did not exist in the previous episodes. In Rune Factory 4, this is an important stage where you decide to commit your life to someone. Remember to use the new feature Doki Doki Zoom to enjoy close-up filming scenes of dating milestones and commitment with someone in the game.

How about role-playing, adventure, and combat scenes?

While it is so peaceful, some strange events suddenly happen. You begin to get caught up in a spiral of adventure to find your true identity and prevent the dangers from your second homeland. In the game, both Lest and Frey can talk to dragons. You also have your butler who must go through many different dungeons, and face hordes of fierce monsters together with you.

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To adventure and fight, the prince/princess is also provided with many different weapons: single sword, double sword, ax, spear, wand… Each item has power and different speeds. In some special scenes, you also get more unique spells with many different power-up levels from the 6 attributes of the universe: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, Dark. It can be said that your biggest challenge in role-playing mode is deciding which weapon to use for which situation.

And on the adventure, for less loneliness, you can bring 2 pet monsters or 2 other companions. Each of these friends will have different levels. You can give them weapons and armor to increase their fighting ability.

In addition to weapons, like many other RPG games, your character will in turn unlock special skills such as: forging new weapons, making medicines, practicing skills, capturing… Of course, those come with a series of basic life skills that are gradually acquired from the beginning of the game such as eating, sleeping, bathing, talking, farming… The ability to craft everything is a special feature of Rune Factory 4. You will need to buy materials from the shop and learn recipes for each item. And when you have a good recipe or the right mix, the item you create will have surprisingly high stats. It will be a great support item for the future battle.

Realistic simulation in the game

Compared to all the life simulation games I’ve played, Rune Factory 4 has a lot of good things. The scene in the game changes markedly through four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter. Each season will have its own fruit tree to cultivate. You can also diversify your farm by raising some more livestock and poultry species. To have the first seeds, you must go and catch them yourself. The good point is that most of the monsters from normal to the boss, or some animals in the forest can be easily caught when you bring them their favorite food.

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Note that like in real life, every time you do anything even big or small (reaping, sowing, watering, fertilizing, etc.), it consumes the character’s physical strength. If this column reaches the bottom, it will cost a lot of energy to do anything. And if your energy runs out in the middle of the road, you will be resuscitated in a nearby dispensary at an unprecedented price.

Another great secret is that you should make diligent dialogue with your neighbors and make them like you. Why? Because by just giving them a favorite item on the right occasion, they will give you a rare item in return. Not to mention, you will also obtain a considerable amount of information useful for your upcoming adventure.

Every time you complete a large or small task, you will be given a “Prince/Princess Point” stat. As I mentioned above, this stat is very effective when you want to issue an order that needs a high spread, such as organizing a festival or building large projects.

Download Rune Factory 4 3DS & CIA now!

This role-playing simulation game has a good storyline, beautiful graphics which are vivid in detail, and indescribably romantic music. I promise it is one of those 3DS games that you must play at least once in your life. Download Rune Factory 4 here.

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