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Rozina was one of the most popular actresses from Bangladesh who has made a name for her performances in Bollywood. But the film industry is a cutthroat place and they have their ways when it comes to accepting and rejecting the job application of any actress. One of her many roles was in the film called Saturday. In this film she played the role of a rebellious character named Rozina. Her acting skills made her an overnight success in the film industry.

Born 12 April 1956 Faridpur district, East Pakistan
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Actress
Years active 1977-present

Apart from her film work, Rozina was also known for her appearances at numerous charity events in the world of show business. At the age of twenty-two she appeared in the film Mummy. Her first performance in a major movie meant she had become a hot star in the Indian film industry. She then appeared in a number of films including the award winning Daddy Dancer and later appeared in the action film entitled The Replacements.

Besides these films, Rozina has been nominated for an Academy Award along with Aishwarya Rai in the best actress category for her role in Anjuna and Happy Days. She has also won several Golden Globes and Screen Awards for her roles in these movies. After her marriage to film star Ranbir Kapoor in 2021, they had a daughter called Nisarga. Their family is extremely rich and includes a daughter called Zafarana. Her other siblings are Irshad Manu and Sharukh Khan.

Apart from her film career, Rozina has also portrayed characters in some television programs that have been successful. She has appeared in a number of television serials including Dostana and Jodha Akbar’bazaar. She is also very popular as a stage actress. Her most famous role in television has been in an action series named Dushman which was aired on a number of channels.

A big fan of Indian cinema, Rozina is a huge fan of Indian Bollywood. She watches almost every single Hindi film being made and has a huge collection of all the movies that have been made by Bollywood. She owns many Bollywood DVDs and is known to go through the entire list of movie names at least three times before she chooses which one to watch. All the movies that she has loved from her childhood till now are readily available in the market. She even has the full collection of all the Indian super hits compiled into one.

The success of Indian romantic movies such as Baahubali and Rajneeti has also played a significant role in motivating the young actresses. Rajneeti became one of the highest grossing movies ever released in India and helped India gain much respect internationally. Baahubali became a box office hit and the next highest grossing movie after Rajneeti. Today, with the advent of online video sharing sites, people can see all the movies that were made during the past few months. This has helped them learn more about what all has become of their favorite actors and actresses.

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