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Robi Internet Offer 2022- Today we have come in front of you with good news. Robi has offered some new amazing  internet offer for the Robi Users. So, if you are a Robi Subscriber,  you can able to take the offer. In addition we are going to share the Robi All Internet Offer 2022. So, you must take a look in this article and choose your internet offer from the list.

Robi Internet Offer 2022 List

Robi is one of the most popular telecommunication Company in our country.  At present a big competition is going on among all telecommunications company. As a result, each company provide different types of attractive offers. In addition Robi has given some attractive offers for their customer. For the purpose we have added  a list of Robi Internet Offer 2022. Therefore, you should have take a look here and select your desire offer which you want to buy.


Robi Best Internet Offer 2022

Robi has updated some new internet offer on their official website.  However, we have collected the updated offer list from their website and attached them here.  Some offers are very cheap rate. Beside some offer are costly. So, you must choose the offer which you can able to buy.


Robi 1GB Internet Offer 2022

Robi is offering 1GB Internet at a very low price for its customers. So, if you are looking for 1 GB Internet Offer, then you can easily avail this offer. In addition we have added some special 1 GB Internet Offer only for you. So, you have to select your require offer from the list.

1 GB 41 Taka

Robi has come up with a new offer of 1 GB. If any Robi Customer wants to take the offer, he has to paid 41 Taka For this internet pack.

  • Data Balance : 1 GB
  • Activation Code : *123*41#
  • Validity : 3 Days
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1 GB 48 Taka

If you want to buy a short interne package for cheap rate, we will suggest you to buy this package.  But it is a matter of sorrow that this offer is only for 4.5 G Customers. So, if you are using Robi 4.5 G , you must take the offer.

  • Data Balance : 1 GB
  • Activation Code : *123*41#
  • Validity : 3 Days

2 GB 54 Taka Offer

Are you searching 2 GB Internet on Robi? Then you can get the offer details from here. The Robi offers a new Internet Package for their users. So, you can get the offer very easily. Please follow our instruction to take the offer.

  • Data Balance : 2 GB
  • Activation Code : *123*54#
  • Validity : 3 Days

Robi Weekly Internet Offer

Dear visitors, if you want to use Robi Internet for a week, Robi has released some new special weekly offer only for you. This is an excellent offer in 2022.  Here we index some weekly Internet Offer.


4 GB 108 Tk Internet Offer

Today we will show  you how to get Robi 4GB internet from here. If you like Robi 4GB internet offer, you can buy with just 108 Taka. This is an excellent Robi internet offer 2022. But it has to be used with 4GB Internet 4G SIM. You will get 4GB internet to buy this package. To get this offer dial

  • Data Balance : 4 GB
  • Activation Code : *123*0108#
  • Validity : 07 days.

Robi Monthly Internet Offer 2022

Robi has announced some monthly internet offer. So, people who want to use internet for a long time can take those Internet Offer. In addition we have present Robi Monthly Internet Offer for you. So, you should take a look here.

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Robi 15 GB 649 Taka Internet Offer

Robi Users can able to take the 15 GB internet offer now.  So, we have discussed about Robi 15 GB internet offer in this part of the article.

  • Data Balance :15 GB
  • Activation Code : *123*649#
  • Validity : 28 Days

Robi 20 GB 911 Tk Data Offer

Are you want to use Robi Internet for a long time ? Then you should take this offer. Because Robi has published 20 GB internet offer for their subscribers. However, the internet offer is very different from others. If any customer want to use internet in 1 month, they must take the offer.

  • Data Balance : 20 GB
  • Activation Code :  *123*0996#
  • Validity : 28 Days

Robi Internet Balance Check

Suppose you have taken an Internet Offer. Then you must start to use the internet. But there are many people they do not know how to check Robi Internet Balance. For this reason we have faced some problems. Just like the operator will cut your balance. In addition we have presented Robi Internet Balance Check Process.

Robi Internet Offer Code

If anyone ask me which telecommunication company is the best for internet. Undoubtedly, i will answer Robi is the best choice for internet. Now the question is Robi Internet Offer Code.

A code will help you to take an offer. So, when we want to buy any offer, we need a code. For the purpose we index Robi Internet Code. Check the code from here.

Robi Internet Check Code

Robi Internet Check Code is available on here. So, you must check the code and take the offer. Then you will able to use the internet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can i buy Robi 1 GB 9 Tk Internet Offer ?

Ans : Robi 1 GB 9 Tk internet offer is not able for all customer. Because the offer is only for those customer who have bought Robi New Sim. To Buy Robi 1 GB 9 Tk Internet you have to first recharge 34 Tk . Then you will able to take the offer.

How can I Check Robi Internet Offer ?

Ans : You can check your Robi Internet offerTo check internet balance dial *3#. Then you can show your Internet Offer.

How  can i buy Robi 2 GB Internet Pack ?

Ans : All Robi Subscribers can take Robi 2 GB internet pack. To get the offer you must dial *123*041#.

How Can i get Robi Free MB/ Internet ?

Ans : Sometime Robi offer Free internet for their customers. But it is a matter of sorrow that all of us can not take this offer. To get Robi Free MB Internet Offer you have to wait for free SMS.

Robi My Robi App Referral Offer is available here. So, you may check the special Robi Bondho Sim Offer.

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Last Words

At last we want to say you that we are trying our best to share the Robi Internet Offer 2022 in very easy way.  So, you must try to take the offer and enjoy the internet of Robi.

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