Rob Van Dam shares his thoughts on MJF

Rob Van Dam is a pro wrestling legend and a WWE Hall of Famer. He has won various championships across many wrestling promotions throughout his illustrious career.

Rob van Dam was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2021.
Rob van Dam was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2021. (WWE)

RVD is a one-time WWE Champion, one-time ECW Champion, one-time European champion, four-time Hardcore Champion, and six-time Intercontinental Champion. He is also a one-time WWE Tag Team Champion and two-time World Tag Team Champion. These are just his achievements in WWE.

Rob Van Dam was recently asked by a fan on Twitter about his thoughts on one of AEW’s top wrestlers, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, who is famously called MJF. Rob Van Dam, who was also called RVD, had just two words to say about the 26-year-old.

“Cool name” was all that RVD wrote.

While MJF has much more to him than just a cool name, it seems that he would have to do a lot more to impress the legendary RVD.

What is next for MJF in AEW?

MJF has been involved in a feud with his former bodyguard, Wardlow. The big man has not been able to get his hands on MJF as the latter’s security team has stopped Mr. Mayhem time and time again.


Over the past few weeks, Wardlow defeated opponents of MJF’s choosing. The likes of The Butcher and W. Morrissey suffered the wrath of Wardlow.

Last week, MJF finally agreed to face Wardlow but before that, the 34-year-old will have to endure a couple of punishments.

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First, he has to endure ten belt lashings on the back from MJF. If Wardlow survives this, then he will face Shawn Spears in a Steel Cage Match, which is a match that the former has never survived. To ensure a win for Spears, MJF will serve as the special guest referee in the match.

If Wardlow manages to overcome these obstacles, he will get the chance to face MJF. If Wardlow can beat MJF in that match, he will be released from his contract with the heel. However, if Wardlow loses, he will never be able to sign an AEW contract.

Fans are waiting for Wardlow to finally get his hands on MJF after what has been a well-appreciated feud.

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