Reuben Gulley Arrested and Charged for TikTok Star Ophelia Nichols’ Son Months After Shooting

Prichard, Ala- Reuben Gulley, 20, from Saraland, has been charged and arrested for the murder of Alabama-based TikToks star Ophelia Nicols’ son Randon Lee who was about to turn 19 the next day. Lee was gunned down at a Prichard gas station in June.

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The victim and the culprit had reportedly met another suspect at the gas station that day to sell them marijuana according to the police and the TikTok star popular as Mama Tot.

Gulley had turned himself in to the police after an arrest warrant had been issued. He was booked into Mobile Metro Jail at around 8:46 PM Thursday, August 18, 2024. Reuben Gulley’s arraignment is set for Tuesday, August 23, 2024.

Randon Lee, Son of Ophelia Nichols, was Shot at a Gas Station in June

Randon Lee, son of Ophelia Nichols, was shot at a gas station on Saint Stephens Road in Prichard, Alabama, at around 7:45 PM on June 24, 2024, a day prior to his 19th birthday. Gulley was one of the suspects in the shooting and an arrest warrant was issued to his name on August 4, 2024.

Lee was shot in the back by his assailant and managed to drive away before crashing his vehicle. He later succumbed to his injuries at the hospital. Surveillance footage obtained by Mobile-based Fox affiliate WALA surfaced online.

It shows what happened at the gas station on that Sunday night. A black car pulled up to a gas station and a man wearing a red hoodie leaves the car and quickly jumps right in the back. Moments later, a silver car pulls up to the opposite pump.

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The man wearing the red hoodie exits the black car again and waits around for a while before heading towards Lee’s silver car. The incidents that take place next are obscured by the gas pump but the man wearing the red hoodie gets in the backseat of the silver car.

After around eleven seconds, the man jumps out of the car, heads back to the black car, and it ravvs away. Lee was shot in the back and he manages to drive away from the gas station.

Why as Randon Lee shot at the Gas Station?

According to the Prichard Police Department, the fatal shooting occured during a marijuana purchase gone awry.

“We do know at this time that Mr. Lee did have a relationship as far as selling to different individuals,” PPD Detective Jason Hadaway stated in June. “These two individuals had bought from him in the past,” he added.

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An arrest warrant for the killing was issued against Gulley after he was identified as one of the suspects. He has been booked into Mobile Metro Jail after he turned himself in this week.

Ophelia Nichols Reacts to the Arrest of her Son’s Murderer

Ophelia Nichols, the renowned TikTok star also known as “Mama Tot” to her 8.7 million followers, reacted to the arrest of Reuben Gulley, her son’s murderer, in a post on Friday, August 19, 2024.

She denounced other TikTok creators for talking about the development before she did herself. “My baby child’s life isn’t some funny gossip story that happened in a funny small town that happened a month ago that we can laugh about it today or one of those nosy stories that I say,” she said.

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“This is my child’s life, and my child was murdered,” she added.

“I’m getting a hundred messages saying, ‘you must be so happy’ and I am not,” she said. “I am not happy. You know, when situations like this happen, or other traumatic situations, I look at everything…” Nichols she said in the video posted on Friday.

“And when I seen that mugshot last night,” she went on. “I thought to myself, ‘My goodness, he’s just a baby. He’s just a baby.’ And then I seen comments from his teachers that said, ‘I told him in high school he was a lovely young man.’ I bet he was. I bet he was,” she added.

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Nichols Begged her followers to find the Murderer previously

Previously, Nichols (known on TikTok as @Shoelover99 a.k.a Mama Tot) requested her massice social media following to plead for help in finding the killer.

“Somebody’s gotta know something,” the heartbroken mother said while crying on camera in one clip. “This individual took my son’s life. He was just 18 years old. That’s part of somebody’s life. And I know they’re out there, in my town. They’re out there,” she added.

Now Gulley has been arrested while the police is on the lookout for the other suspect. Surprisingly, a bond hasn’t been made in the name of Gulley.

The Prichard police continues to investigate the case. We’ll keep you updated.

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