Reminder: Custom Robo And Its Sequel Are Out Now For Switch Online (Japan)

Custom Robo N64 + N64
Image: Nintendo

Update [Fri 15th Jul, 2024 05:00 BST]: Custom Robo and Custom Robo V2 are now available for the Switch Online Expansion Pack service in Japan. See below to find out how to access these games.

Original article [Fri 8th Jul, 2024 02:45 BST]: When the N64 library was originally announced for the Switch Online Expansion Pack, Nintendo teased a few other games – specifically for Japan. These titles were the N64 gems Custom Robo and Custom Robo V2.

Now, alongside the news today that Pokémon Puzzle League will be added to the service on 15th July, Nintendo has revealed Japan will (instead) be receiving the previously announced Custom Robo games on the same date.

In order to play them, you’ll need to have access to a Switch Online Expansion Pack subscription, and also a Japanese Nintendo Switch account – to download the N64 app for this region. If you are interested in checking these titles out, see our handy Nintendo Life guide for assistance.

The Custom Robo games were the last titles we knew were coming to the Switch Online N64 service in the future. From here on out, it’s a guessing game – and based on the surprise reveal of Pokémon Puzzle League today, it means any N64 game could be next. In saying this, there’s still a good chance it could be one we’ve already seen during the past Wii U eShop and Wii Channel generations.

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Would you like to see these Custom Robo games released locally on the Switch one day? Will you be checking these games out on the Japanese N64 library? Leave a comment below.

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