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This will be a strange world for low-tech people, but it is the noisiest and vibrant place for geeks. Go in and chat, ask and answer questions, leave comments, watch tech news, follow fandoms, follow streamers, update new games… everything technology-related is on Reddit. Well, I’ll call it a geek’s drinking table.

Introduce about Reddit

The place where you can dive into anything!

Tech people who don’t know Reddit or have never been here, and even if you don’t have a passion for gaming or gear, you should know this application. Dealing with this fast-paced world requires updating with new technology all the time. Now as a game enthusiast, but not addicted to any technology gears, nor have I experienced the feeling of spending too much money chasing a piece of hardware, I will share with you some personal feelings after going around Reddit.

In general, Reddit is a news and magazine application that helps you update new news every day. In this app, there is all the news, not just one area. But the most prominent is probably the content about Technology. Reddit is also an online community in which you can write, share, feel, ask questions and receive answers, comments, and suggestions from the community.

Hot update in every second

News on Reddit is always updated regularly. You can see that every time you return to the refresh page, you will see new news emerging. People from all over the world automatically write and submit to this community. Simultaneously, the editors and the system automatically re-screen, to always give the best and latest lists, divided by categories such as Hot, New, Top, Controversial, Rising.

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Or you can go straight to the top Banner, the largest icon on the page. There will be a series of hottest topics of the day available (Trending Today), just click on one of the topics to go immediately to all the news articles and comments related to this hot topic.

Reddit, all about entertainment, easy to understand, diverse categories

Depending on what you’re looking for, you can always find what you need to know on Reddit. It is true that the most outstanding about Technology in general. But in addition to the Technology section, Reddit also has 6 other attractive categories including Books, Movies, Video Games, Sports, TV Shows, Music. It can be seen that with these 7 content in total, anyone who finds any form of entertainment, image or GIF, modern or traditional, can search related news on Reddit.

According to these divisions, if you find or filter information, you can find anything you want. The search thanks to that is easier, much simpler.

Tips, tricks are countless

When you find an article you like or read interesting news, you can quickly save it to your account and review it easily when needed. Let me tell you, there are a lot of great Tips Tricks on Reddit. Not to mention useful data information, just with this useful set of Tips, you can save it and take it out when you need it, it makes life easier.

Remember above, one of the characteristics of Reddit is constantly updating new content. Having this speed is partly due to its wide coverage, Reddit spreading globally with a lot of users everywhere in the world. So it is understandable to have the most trending, and up-to-date information.

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This also means that if you sign up as a Reddit member, you’ll instantly be able to share any updates or learnings with everyone in the Reddit community. Sharing to develop and to receive sharing and feedback from others is also a “simple” hobby of entertainment and technology enthusiasts. Feeling like finding people “on my side”, empathizing with your love that people sometimes find it a bit strange.

There are currently more than 100,000 different community groups on Reddit. They operate by theme. And with the huge numbers like this, nothing doesn’t have on Reddit.

When needed, you can also follow a member you think is interesting or has a sea of ​​rich knowledge worth learning… Once you have a Follow list, when you access the app, Reddit will always give priority to the articles of the people you follow, keeping the updates neat and concise, exactly what you are most interested in. Like Facebook’s Newsfeed display mechanism.

In addition to increasing community cohesion, Reddit also supports its residents to create appointments with friends around the world, help exchange jobs, hobbies, or simply some interesting information. During that conversation, there are also a lot of little things available to make the insiders more interesting such as hundreds of cute stickers, emotion icons.

On Reddit, you can comment on any type of content. There are news, pictures, questions, data, short clips, etc. If you are an official member, you can comment anywhere you want. Of course, it still follows some of the site’s criteria for ethical politeness, but as a general rule, you still can comment on every content.

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If your comment is upvoted by many people, you will receive Reddit Karma, and if you have many downvotes, your Reddit Karma credit score will be deducted. The higher the score, the stronger your credibility and “role” in the Reddit community. Who doesn’t want to become an influencer followed in the online world?

Share content anytime, anywhere, to any social network

As well as the commenting feature, with all content on Reddit, you can instantly share it with your friends via popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…

You can also follow a lot of live stream videos to chat, exchange and leave comments for the person you’re chatting with. This is also how many users with similar interests often gather about a hot topic.

MOD APK version of Reddit

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download Reddit APK & MOD for Android

In short, Reddit is the drinking table for connoisseurs and the place where you can find all the latest information, comments, photos, videos, news about any entertainment, hobby or passion. What are you waiting for without immediately downloading this amazing app and discovering it?

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