Random: Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Has Plenty Of Very Memeable Dialogue

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Eunie
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If you’re a long-standing Xenoblade series fan, then you’re probably used to hearing the same lines of dialogue over and over again, whether it’s post-battle, or when opening a chest or gathering items.

Xenoblade Chronicles has a few of these — who can forget “I’m really feeling it?” from Shulk, something we abuse constantly here at Nintendo Life when we’re covering Xenoblade news. And “Now it’s Reyn time” has also entered the pantheon of video game memes. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 had even more, including a couple of lines — “Think you can take me?” and “Don’t forget me” — that were edited in a patch.

So what does Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the latest entry in the series, add to the hall of Xenoblade quotes? Well, here’s one you’ll be hearing a lot of.

Eunie, a Keves soldier and the team’s Medic Gunner, has one post-battle quip that we’ve certainly heard a fair amount of — especially this writer. Ina lovely, think British accent, Eunie — after ally Lanz says “That was over way too soon!” — declares “Hear that, Noah? Lanz wants something a bit meatier.” It’s like poetry. Except this is a JRPG where you fight a lot of battles, so you’re going to be hearing it pretty much constantly throughout your playtime.

The frequency of Eunie’s little quote has got fans reminiscing about their favourite Xenoblade quotes, even blending them together to create some memes for the ages.

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Of course, Eunie isn’t the only character who has something to say. Sena, Agnus’s tiny little hammer-wielder, is a cheery, pleasant little kid who’s determined to let you know something about herself:

This one’s quite cute, honestly. Sena’s pretty small and she’s usually carrying around a huge weapon. She loves training and sparring. So she’s just trying to amp herself up a bit!

Going back to Lanz, if you keep him as one of the Defender classes, he’ll be trying to keep aggro off of the other party members. So you’ll be hearing plenty of this from him:

He’s also the MVP, but you were probably already thinking that.

The frequency of some of these quotes has been drawing a lot of attention from people playing the game, with some — including Xenoblade YouTuber Enel — thinking there should be more dialogue just to drown out some of the more-common quotes. Perhaps we’ll see a Xenoblade Chronicles 2-style patch in the future?

For now, we’ll have to bask in the frequency, glory, joy — whatever you want to call it — of JRPG battle and field quotes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. You won’t be forgetting these any time soon.

In fact, for Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii, the developers had to cut out some battle dialogue. Did You Know Gaming? revealed this in a video published this weekend, where the channel also brought up changes to one particular cutscene involving protagonist Shulk.

If we were to pick our own Nintendo Life quote, it’s got to be “Hello there lovely people” hasn’t it? Anyway, if you’re a Xenoblade fan, share your favourite Xenoblade field and battle quotes with us in the comments!

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