Random: Pixel Art Project To Redesign Pokémon’s Kanto Region Is Complete

Kanto Region
Image: Bulbagarden

A little while back, we reported on the ongoing work to redesign the Johto and Kanto regions from the Pokémon franchise by a group of over one hundred pixel artists called ‘Pokémon Redrawn’. At the time of writing in 2021, the Johto region was complete and the Kanto region was roughly 25% of the way there. Now, it’s been confirmed that the Kanto region is fully complete and explorable via a dedicated website.

It’s been a long process to put everything together, but we have to say that the resulting image is perhaps the most stunning depiction of Kanto we’ve ever seen. Everything is here, of course, including the starting location of Pallet Town, the sleeping Snorlax on Route 12, and of course the final controntation with your rival at Indigo Plateau.

It’s all been lovingly recreated in stunning detail with lots of added bits and bobs to really bring the region to life. Of course, we should note – however obvious it may be – that this is a static image, so there are no animations involved and certainly no chance of this thing running on any emulation software. What’s cool though is that the website gives you the option to flip between the original map from Pokémon Red and Blue and the redesigned map, so you can really appreciate the changes that have been implemented.

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Here’s a peek at some of the redesigns on offer; we’re particularly enraptured by the redesign of Pewter City by @saltiestbunny:

What do you think of the completed Kanto region pixel project? Do you wish Game Freak would create a new game in a similar art style? Let us know!

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