Race Max Pro 0.1.274 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) Download

Race Max Pro MOD APK is a racing game with 3 different racing modes, great racing cars, and many beautiful race tracks. If you want to experience a variety of racing feelings, download the game to play right away.

Introduce about Race Max Pro

Beat the bosses and be the king of the roads!

Race Max Pro and unique cars

The fleet of racing cars in Race Max Pro currently has several dozen battles, the future will increase. You will have the opportunity to choose your own cars. Each vehicle also comes with a Customization System for you to change and interfere with the vehicle’s appearance. And yet, through the races, you will win unique rewards that are specialized parts used to improve vehicle upgrades like wheels, gearbox, turbo, nitro, weight, and engine. The more tracks you pass, the more chances you have of seeing impressive racing cars with increasingly high stats.

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Choose your favorite racing type: Drift, Drag or Street Race

The biggest highlight of this racing game is probably the fact that it has 3 game modes at the same time corresponding to 3 different racing styles. While most current racing games only exploit one of the racing types, Race Max Pro has all 3 game modes for players to experience. Those are Street, Drift, and Drag.

In theory, these 3 game modes of racing can be much different, but in the game, they are not too different. But of course, each game mode brings a completely different experience and feeling.

  • Street Race: street racing, this mode is the most basic racing mode. Your mission is to master the speed, master the steering wheel, master the game controls and keep balance during the race.
  • Drift Race: requires agility, flexibility in the use of gas and brakes, precise and timely driving for all maneuvers. When playing Drift mode, you will be challenged with high-speed driving skills, through sharp turns, maintaining the vehicle’s high speed, causing the rear wheel to slide on the road but still ensuring the correct direction of movement.
  • Drag Race: this mode will test the limit acceleration and maximum speed of the player. You need to have a high concentration, technical level from good to super to be able to master Drag mode. It’s a race for the game’s Breakthrough Acceleration. You will race with an extremely short time to accelerate to the finish line as soon as possible.
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Compared to Street, Drift and Drag will require more skill and technique, where you can show your high-quality racing skills if you are tired of conventional racing games.

Highly dramatic racing, all progress is noted

Race Max Pro does not give you a multiplayer mode to compete in ranking. But in return, it has 3 clear modes corresponding to which you can experience all the exciting sensations in each track in different ways. And it also has a leaderboard for you to rise in the game.

Sometimes the solo racing experience is still very exciting. Maybe when playing Race Max Pro, your opinion about the driving skill ranking from now on will change. There are also NPCs in the game everywhere on the tracks so you won’t be bored when playing.

Race Max Pro MOD by APKMODY 1440x810

On the track, you always have NPC rival racers. In the early stages, only you and an NPC racer compete with each other on the road. But this number according to players’ deep involvement in the game will increase even more, including famous names. You will find your game more and more stimulating and dramatic thanks to this attractive game lineup.

With 3 different game modes like that but the driving operation in Race Max Pro is almost only one, and it is very easy compared to many other racing games. Specifically, we have 2 arrows left and right to navigate, a nitro tank to accelerate, and a brake button. When using nitro, you have to take time to recover nitro, so you need to consider the right driving technique for each form of racing, to choose the right time and show the right speed.

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Realistic graphic

The most impressive for me when playing Race Max Pro is the car and the smoke effect when using nitro. Each one is different in color, nitro effect, but they are all very prominent when displayed on the screen.

Race Max Pro for Android 1440x810

Perhaps having observed the advantages and disadvantages of many previous games, Race Max Pro from the beginning has been very attentive to the graphics of the game. The way to show each type of racing, the vast stretch of the track, and the attractive cars… Everything is delicately crafted, detailed, and meticulous to every line, in a realistic fashion. The colors are vibrant, vivid, the vehicles follow the original car outside, the smoke effect behind the throttle… You will be surprised by the graphics of this game.

MOD APK version of Race Max Pro

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


You can spend money even you don’t have enough.

Download Race Max Pro APK & MOD for Android

Race Max Pro will be a racing game that has everything you need, basic technique, speed, and control corresponding to 3 different modes of racing. Beautiful graphics, rich cars, many appearance options, and engine upgrades. There is no reason to not download such an amazing racing game as Race Max Pro.

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