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Pushpa Narayan is an Indian-born solicitor who is currently practicing in the UK. He earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) at St Lawrence University in London, UK and then spent two years in Accident Compensation Commission (ACC) in UK before returning to India. In 2021, he enrolled in the Pushpa Narayan School of Law at Ruparel College in Mangalore, Karnataka. Pushpa has been described as “a strong-minded, charming and articulate legal mind” by those who have worked with him. Pushpa Narayan facts tell us that Pushpa Narayan gained international prominence after winning a case that was associated with the sensational accident in which television star Shindh Shaquir was killed. Pushpa is also known for representing those who were victims of medical malpractice and are hence familiar with the intricacies involved in dealing with cases such as these.

Pushpa Narayan’s official website states that he is a graduate of Christ Church University (Canterbury). It is evident from Pushpa Narayan facts that he is an artist and has won many awards for his artwork. Pushpa holds a master degree in social work and lives with his wife and two children in a rented house in Gurgaon, North India. The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) confirmed to have employed Pushpa Narayan in its legal department since 1999. Details about the compensation claim that Pushpa filed with the ACC are as follows: His daughter was playing at a swimming pool near their home when a plastic pipe attached to a tree collapsed, resulting in the death of her friends.

Name Pushpa Narayan
Jobs/Profession Actor
Current Age 41 years old
Zodiac/Sun Sign Capricorn
Birth Date November 6, 1978
Birth Place

According to the ACC’s press release dated 14th November, Pushpa Narayan applied for compensation claiming that he had lost his wife and two small children as a result of the Accident at Bekal Water Park. The press release further states that Pushpa did not witness the accident; however, he saw the kids playing at the pool. Pushpa then suffered a brain injury and is left with two scars on his head. Pushpa received a compensation payment of around Rs 8 million from the company whose property was damaged in the accident. His claim was accepted by the ACC within three months. In addition to receiving monetary compensation, Pushpa is also entitled to special compensation for his mental agony as a result of his accident.

The accident caused due to Pushpa Narayan’s negligence has also led to a claim being lodged against the Homecoming Festival organizers. The incident is believed to have occurred around two weeks before the festival began. The incident is believed to have happened when Pushpa Narayan was tending to some flowers. The flowers had been dried after being kept for some time; Pushpa may have failed to dry them properly or else he may have used excessive water in drying them.

The flowers had resulted in the disruption of the entire festival. The incident however did not lead to any negative effects on Pushpa Narayan’s health or life. He returned to work the next day; he suffered minor injuries and returned to work the next day. He was treated in a local hospital. However, he continued to suffer from stress and was seen by a neurologist who performed an X-ray and confirmed that there were no internal concussions caused due to the accident.

Another case which caused due to negligence is that of a police officer who was involved in an accident in a busy market. The accident badly injured the policeman and he was also left with severe bruising. The accident also caused due to negligence an employee who was handling some toxic chemicals. The court found the employer to be liable for the accident and ordered him to pay medical costs and compensation to the victim.

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