Project Slayers Leveling Guide 1-100

level up fast in project slayers

This is the ultimate Project Slayers leveling guide. It was tell you how to get from level one to level one hundred as quickly and efficiently as possible. Leveling up in PS in necessary in succeeding. And while it may seem daunting at first, follow this guide and you will be a master in no time. Heck, we will even skip all the small talk and get to the real reason you’re here. To level.

Project Slayers Leveling Guide

We figured out the quickest path to level 100. It will require some grinding, but it will get you there faster than any other method.

Level 1-12

You spawn in Kabiwaru and need to find a character named Somi. You will assist Somi by defeating 5 of Zuko’s underlings. Beat them easy by the spamming left and right combos. Bam, level 2. From this point forth, you will be given multiple quests to help Somi eventually defeat Zuko.

The Zuko questline is very easy to way to make it to level 12+.

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Level 12-20

When you reach level 12 breathing is unlocked. This makes leveling from here on much easier. Now head to Zapiwara cave and begin your interactions with an NPC named Membere. Her mission will send you deeper into the cave where you will be faced with Sakurai demons.

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This area is where you will fight and grind to get level 20. You should get sword mastery along the way as well.

Level 21-35

Our Suggestion: max out breathing mastery for following section. Visit Horse Guy and go to the final selection area. Horses can now be unlocked (obvs). This is also when you can purchase map points and open the game up much more.

Next up, visit the Ushumaru Village and interact with this NPC called Grandpa Shiron there. This will start your journey helping him defeat Kaden. When you do make it to the Kaden battle, try to bring some friends. There is a difficult curve here that some players get stuck on.

We recommend grinding this quest over and over for easy level-ups. Use this method to make it to level 35.

Level 35-100

Things get a bit more complicated here so pay attention. Time to click on your fourth inventory box and summon the crow. It will show up and reveal some quests. In this case, we got the quest to defeat Nezuko, for which we need to visit the Horse Guy and then travel to the Slasher Demon location. You can use some map points to unlock this place if you haven’t already.

Head towards the North and summon your crow again. It should show you that you are engaged in the quest. This gives time for Nezuko to spawn. It’s a good opportunity to grind on some of the old bosses for extra loot while you wait.

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Here’s where it gets good. Defeating Nezuko yields 1000 XP! That is a ton of XP for one fight. So now you know what to do. repeat said process. If you are level 50 and above then you can grind Yahaba and Susumaru at Ouwbayshi at home to gain exponentially more XP.

Now just hack away and you’ll be level 100 in Project Slayers in no time.

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