Potato Price In Bangladesh- Today Potato Market Price

Potato Price In Bangladesh- Price Hike is one of the major problems in our country. Recently, the Potato price is increasing which broke all the previous records. People of Bangladesh have ever seen this high rate potato price. The price hiking falls a big impact on our daily life. Specially, the kitchen market products prices are continuously rising day by day.

With the recent increasing trend of the price of potato , Potato Price in Bangladesh Today soared to record mark. It has been seen that there is a continuous rise in Potato prices in the kitchen markets all over the country. The government of Bangladesh has fixed a balanced price of Potato. But it is a matter of sorrow that some of greedy businessman warehousing the potato.

Potato Price of Bangladesh Today Market

The Government of Bangladesh has mentioned a price for Potato. But the retailer of Potato have changed the price rate and fixed a higher rate. Now the question what is the exact price of Potato in Bangladesh? Lets know the exact price rate of Potato in today market.

Today we have visited different markets and saw the price rate of Potato. We saw in some markets that the price rate of market is 50 Taka per kilogram. Beside some of the markets Potato Price is more than 50 Taka.



Government Fixed Potato Price Rate is 50 Taka Per Kilogram. 

Reasons of Increasing Potato Price In Bangladesh

The reasons for price hiking of Potato are not yet clear to consumers and concerned bodies. The government and the respective bodies are saying that there is no shortage of Potato in the country. Beside Potato is being imported on a priority basis. They are confused about why the onion price in Bangladesh is rising every day. But the truth is that there is no control over the price hike of the Potato by the authoritative body right now.

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People of Bangladesh are become frustrated for increasing Potato Price which fall a big impact in our daily life. People go out from home and go to the market but their hands on head when they listen the price of Potato.


Bangladesh Onion Price Today

What is the reason of Potato Price increasing? The answer is near at your hand. Lets discuss about it.

Corona Effects : Due to Corona Virus the supply of Potato hinders down. The products are not being marketed according to the human needs.

Heavy Rainfall : Due to heavy rainfall this year the production of Potato has not so good. As a result, the Potato is less that required.

Warehousing : Warehousing is the main reason to increase the Potato Price. Some of Greedy Business man warehoused the Potato for huge profits.

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Potato Price In Bd

The Government of Bangladesh has decided some necessary steps to reduce the Potato Price Rate. So, they ensured that they will import Potato from different countries as soon as possible. Then, the price rate can be changed. So, we have to wait for this and believed on our government. We hope that the Potato Price rate will purchasable very soon.

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