Poll: What Did You Think Of Tricolor Turf War In Splatoon 3?

Splatoon 3 Inklings and Octolings prepare for a battle all yellow
Image: Nintendo

Did you take part in the Splatfest World Premiere this weekend? We did, and we had a blast, and we’re looking forward to the full release of Splatoon 3 even more because of it. The Splatfest — which saw Team Rock cinch victory (we’re not mad at all…) — gave us a chance to de-rust our ink splatting skills, and mess around in the lobby for hours upon end, but the new Tricolor Turf War has become the demo’s biggest talking point.

Fans have taken to Twitter to express their feelings on this brand new mode — which sees the team in the lead attempt to defend the middle of a stage from the two opposing teams. Many felt that the Tricolor Turf War was skewed against the defending team, as they had no way to really counter if one of the opposing teams managed to set off one of the Ultra Signals. Others felt that the maps weren’t designed with 2-v-2-v-4 battles in mind. The two attacking teams also have parts of the map that the defending team can’t access.

Nintendo has since released a statement on Twitter to say that it will “continue to improve the mechanics of matchmaking and Tricolor Battles even after the release”. And, during this weekend’s Splatfest, Team Scissors — who was in the lead at the halfway point and thus became the defending team — eventually came in third by the ‘fest’s end.

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That’s enough about us and the internet, however — we want to hear from you! If you played the Splatfest World Premiere demo this weekend, let us know how you felt about the experience. Vote in our polls below and then drop us a comment to tell us what you enjoyed (or didn’t enjoy) about the demo!

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