Pokemon Go Snapshot Not Working, How To Take Snapshot Pokemon Go 2023?

Pokemon Go Snapshot Not Working 2023

Pokemon Go is a well-known augmented reality-based mobile game, which is well known for its unique way of using the current GPS location and notifying us of the information about Pokemon around us. The sixth Anniversary event of Pokemon Go launched in the game recently. As a part of the event, players will be rewarded with various rewards for completing the Anniversary event timed research, and field research tasks. But the Anniversary event research includes the players taking snapshots of several Pokemon.  Many players found it difficult to take snapshots of Pokemon. They are reporting and complaining that the Pokemon Go Snapshot Not Working in 2023. Scroll down the article to know about Pokemon Go Snapshot Not Working 2023.  

Pokemon Go Snapshot Not Working Research

As we mentioned priorly, many players were complaining and reporting about the issue of Pokemon Go Snapshot Not Working during the Anniversary event research tasks. The snapshot taken by the players is not considered or counted. The tasks clearly mention whether the players have to take snapshots of Pokeom in wild or not. If it is mentioned wild Pokemon, they have to take snapshots of Poekommn around the map. If there is nothing mentioned anything about ‘wild Pokemon’, players have to take photographs of Pokemon from their storage.

How To Take Snapshot Pokemon Go 2023?

Players can take snapshots of Pokemon in wild by taping them when they saw them, tapping the camera icon on the top of the screen instead of flinging Balls. Select the angle and position of the way of shot that you like and then tap the camera icon at the bottom of the screen to capture the photo. 

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Players can take snapshots of Pokemon on their storage by going to the storage, tapping at the Pokemon they want, and tapping the camera icon. They can also do this alternatively by selecting the camera from the inventory and then selecting the Pokeom they want to take the photo. 

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality (AR) based mobile game. It was developed and published by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo and The Pokemon Company for IOS and Android devices in 2016 as a part of the Pokemon franchise. The game was released on July 6, 2016. The game uses the GPS  of the mobile to locate the Pokemon. After locating them the players can able to capture and train them to battle. By the time of its release, The game had around 150 species of Pokemon. It was increased to around 700 by 2021.

Pokemon Go Reception

Pokémon Go received mixed reviews when it was released. Critics praised the concept of Augmented reality(AR)  but criticized its technical problems. It was one of the most used and most profitable mobile apps in the year 2016, it had more than 500 million downloads by the end of the year. It received positive reviews for popularizing location-based and augmented reality technology, encouraging physical exercise by requiring players to walk around the streets and assisting local businesses in growing as a result of increased pedestrian traffic. However, it sparked debate because it resulted in accidents and other forms of public nuisances

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