Poitier’s films include ‘The Blackboard Jungle,’ ‘Sneakers’

Films of Sidney Poitier include:

“From Whence Cometh Help” (Army documentary), 1949.

“No Way Out,” 1950.

“Cry the Beloved Country,” 1952.

“Red Ball Express,” 1952.

“Go Man Go!,” 1954.

“The Blackboard Jungle,” 1955.

“Goodbye My Lady,” 1956.

“Edge of the City,” 1957.

“Something of Value,” 1957.

“Band of Angles,” 1957.

“The Mark of the Hawk,” 1958.

“The Defiant Ones,” 1958.

“Porgy and Bess,” 1959.

“All the Young Men,” 1960.

“Virgin Island,” 1960.

“A Raisin in the Sun,” 1961.

“Paris Blues,” 1961.

“Pressure Point,” 1962.

“Lilies of the Field,” 1963.

“The Long Ships,” 1964.

“The Greatest Story Ever Told,” 1965.

“The Bedford Incident,” 1965.

“A Patch of Blue,” 1965.

“The Slender Thread,” 1965.

“Duel at Diabolo,” 1966.

“In the Heat of the Night,” 1967.

“To Sir With Love,” 1967.

“Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,” 1967.

“For Love of Ivy” (also story), 1968.

“The Lost Man,” 1969.

“They Call Me Mister Tibbs!” 1970.

“Brother John,” 1971.

“The Organization,” 1971.

“Buck and the Preacher” (also director), 1972.

“A Warm December” (also director), 1973.

“Uptown Saturday Night” (also director), 1974.

“Let’s Do It Again” (also director), 1975.

“The Wilby Conspiracy,” 1975.

“A Piece of the Action” (also director), 1977.

“Stir Crazy” (director only), 1980.

“Hanky Panky” (director only), 1982.

“Fast Forward” (director only), 1985.

“Shoot to Kill,” 1988.

“Little Nikita,” 1988.

“Ghost Dad” (director only), 1990.

“Separate But Equal,” 1991.

“Sneakers,” 1992.

“Children of the Dust,” 1995.

“To Sir, With Love II,” 1996.

“Mandela and de Klerk,” 1997.

“The Jackal,” 1997.

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“David and Lisa,” 1998.

“Free of Eden,” 1999.

“The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn,” 1999.

“The Last Brickmaker in America,” 2001.


Sources: “The Film Encyclopedia” by Ephraim Katz, Internet Movie Database.

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