Pet Gods Simulator Codes (August 2024)

A true Pet God has the best stuff.

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It’s a well-documented fact that people love collecting cute little pets in video games. It’s always been true, and I’m willing to bet it always will be. But as fun as raising pets in games like Roblox’s Pet Gods Simulator is, you know what would make it more fun? Free stuff. Here’s a list of codes for Pet Gods Simulator.

Pet Gods Simulator Codes

The following codes and their rewards are confirmed to be active as of August 11th, 2024:

  • woo750likes: Coin Boost and Luck Boost
  • likes250thx: Double Damage Boost
  • thx500likes: Coin Boost
  • wow100likes: Double Damage Boost and Luck Boost
  • update1: Luck Boost
  • Release: 150 Coins

Meanwhile, the following codes and their rewards are confirmed to be expired and inactive as of the same date shown above:

  • thxforplaying: Free Boosts

How to Use Pet Gods Simulator Codes

Using codes in Pet Gods Simulator is super easy. All you have to do is launch Pet Gods Simulator through your Roblox platform of choice and tap/click the little Twitter button on the right side of the main menu. This will bring up a text input where you can paste in one of the codes listed above. Make sure to paste it exactly as it’s written or it won’t work. When the code is in, press Submit and you’ll get your reward instantly.

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We’ll be keeping a running record of all Pet Gods Simulator codes, past and present, so make sure to keep this page bookmarked! If you think we’ve missed something, though, you can check out the developers’ official Twitter page or join the game’s official Discord channel.

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