Padma Bridge proves Bangladesh’s ability to overcome barriers, says Hasina

Bangladesh has also transformed its image on the world stage by taking on the challenge of constructing the Padma Bridge with its own money after the World Bank refused to fund it, citing ‘corruption’ surrounding the project.

Speaking at an event marking the founding anniversary of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) on Wednesday, Hasina said, “I know of a lot of plots and conspiracies. I am not fazed by them because we’ve seen these things happen throughout our lives and it will continue to happen.

“But if your approach is rooted in an ideology and you set a goal to change the destiny of those in the grassroots in Bangladesh, the people at the top, who have more, will be a bit upset. They think they’ll lose their place and that’s why they keep spinning conspiracies.”

There are also those who have a lust for power, according to the Awami League chief.

“Those who have such aspirations do not care about the fate of the people. So they are involved in conspiracies. But the Awami League government has proved that any obstacle can be overcome by treading a righteous path, guided by principles and ideals.”

After a long tug-of-war with the World Bank, Hasina announced in February 2013 that Bangladesh would build the Padma Bridge with its own money.

Then on Dec 12, 2015, she flagged off the construction work of the bridge. Five years on, the dream has almost materialised, with the bridge now connecting the two banks of the Padma River.


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Hasina also called on leaders and activists of Awami League, BCL and other affiliates to remain vigilant against the forces that seek to undermine the country.

She urged members of the ruling party’s student affiliate to uphold the principles of the organisation and pursue “real education” by shunning greed in order to serve the people.

Referring to BCL’s motto of peace and progress, she said, “The Father of the Nation has sacrificed his life for peace and development of our nation.”

“None of our students should ever be associated with terrorism, militancy, and corruption.”

“The world is moving forward and we have to be in step with the latest innovations in science and technology,” she added.

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