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Online Cow Hat- Eid Ul Adha which is one of the biggest holy festivals for Muslims is going to held on 1 August, 2024. In this holy festivals people want to sacrifice their cattle. So, all the Muslims are planning to sacrificial animal. But due to corona virus people are very furious. As a result they want to buy Sacrificial animal from home. In addition some handful of public and public business entities have brought in front of us Digital Cattle Markets, Online Cow Hat. Therefore, you should read the article to know about Online Cow Hat from here you can buy your sacrificial animals.

Online Cow Hat Bangladesh

We live in a digital era. In this modern civilization we are so digital that we have not to go outside for market. Nowadays you can buy your all necessaries from your home and aboard through online.


Qurbani Eid Online Cow Haat

People in our country are ready to celebrate Eid Ul Adha. The present situation of our country is not good due to Covid-19. But we want to sacrifice our animals for this holy festivals. At this present situation to buy a sacrificial animals is very needy because we do not have much time. For the purpose we have added some Online Cow Hat list for you.

Buy Online Cow And Goat


Online Cow Hat List

We index some Online Cow Hat List for you.

Digital Haat

Digital Haat is one of the biggest and most popular Online Cow Hat in our country. The journey of this online Cattle Marketers began on 20 July, 2024. Digital Haat has been launched as a joint initiative of Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC), Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Division, e-CAB, and Bangladesh Dairy Farmers’ Association (BDFA).

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Here you can get a huge collection of animals. On the other hand this digital platform is displaying animals in diverse color, size, and price range. On the other hand you will get all countries cattle here. Like local, cross, Indian, Nepali, Sahiwal, Jebu, Sindhi, Zersy, Holistine, Haryana, Friziyan, etc. Here you can get any type of Sacrificing Cattle on your budget.

Website Address:

Contact Number : 09614102030

Bengal Meat Online Cow Hat

In 2006 Bengal Meat come to light for abattoir platform in Bangladesh. The company provides wholesome meat and meat-based processed products in a safe, hygienic, and halal way. As a result the Bengal Meat became popular very shortly. So, you can buy your sacrificial Animals from Bengal Meat Official website. On the website you will find the price range and displayed cattle cattle size and weight .

Tribe of Cows : Brahma, Holstein Cross, local, Mir Kadem, Pabna Breed, Red Chittagong, Sahiwal Shindi,

Age : 2-4 Years

Price Range : 30,000 to 1 Core.

Website Address:

Contact No. 09678-444-555 (Monday to Saturday, 9 AM – 6 PM)

Kings Red Meat Online Cow Haat

Are you want to buy online sacrificing cattle on a low rate ? Then Kings Red Meat is the best platform for you. If you want to buy Eid Ul Adha sacrificing cattle, you may use this website and their Facebook page.

Tribe of Cows : Deshi

Age : 2-4 Years

Cow Price Range : 50,000 to 150000.

Goat Price Range : 10,000 to 25,000

Facebook Page:

Contact: 01742910199

Sadeeq Agro

This online Cow Hat Platform was established in 2010. Sadeeq Agro Company always try to give the best meat among their customers. Targeting Eid Ul Adha the authority has arranged to sell cattle on their website along with home delivery. Other hand you can visit their farm and choice your cattle from here.

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Note : Sadeeq Agro’s payment will complete in cash payment as well as online payment service (Card, Mobile Banking, and BKash). Remind that you should pay about 20% of advanced payment is required for purchasing live cattle.

Tribe of Cows : All Category

Age : 2-4 Years

Price Range : 9900 to 500000


Facebook Page:

Contact: Call 01771777116, 01980008886, 01730135969

Daraz Online Gorur Haat

At present Daraz is the most popular online marketing platform in our country. Eid is coming. It is first time in Bangladesh we are going to buy online Cattle. In this way daraz can help you. Just open your Daraz App and select your sacrificing cattle with your budget. We ensure you that you will not depressed.

Other Sources of Online Cow Haat This is a government online Cow Haat website in Bangladesh. Here you can find all platform list with their sacrificing cattle collection. You can also deal with the original Farm Owner to buy cow.

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Online Slaughtering Service

On the Eid Day we will sacrifice our cattle. Our rural people are very smart to Slaughtering the cattle. But it is a matter of sorrow that the city people are not expert in Slaughtering service. As a result they are looking for online Butcher. Here we index some online Butcher list and their number.  Dhaka City all Online Kosai Number list.

Order Now Online Kosai


Online Kosai Number

Digital Hat Online Kosai Book Now

The slaughtering fee is 23% of the cattle-price.

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Contact Number : ০৯৬১৪১০২০৩০

Bengal Meat Book Online Kosai

The slaughtering process Of Bengal Meat  is fully manual. And the processing fee varies depending upon cattle price and delivery day.

Contact Now To Book Online Kosai – 09678-444-555

Kings Red Meat Online Butcher

Are you want to slaughtering your cattle ? Then you can choose Kings Red Meat. Because this online platform is best for it. So, do not waste your time book now.

Contact: 01742910199

Sadeeq Avro Online Kosai Number

Slaughtering service is optional and depends on the availability of slots on Sadeeq Avro Online Platform. You have to pay an additional 15% of the cattle price as the charge for slaughtering service.

Contact Number : Call 01771777116, 01980008886, 01730135969

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Eid Ul Azha 2024 highest price Cow Name ?

Ans : The highest price cow name of Eid Ul Azha is Donald Trum.

What is the price of Qurbani Eid Biggest Cow ?

Ans : The biggest cow price is perhaps 2500000 BDt.

Who bought the biggest cattle/cow Eid Ul Azha 2024?

Ans : Dr Mizanur Rahman bought the biggest cow of Eid Ul Azha 2024.

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Last Words

Eid means happiness. Sacrificing the cattle is the main part of Eid Ul Azha. So, you must be careful when you buy the cattle online. We suggest you to buy the sacrificing cattle online for your safety. We hope that you will not harass to buy from online cow haat. Thank you.

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