Now’s not the time to worry about classes: Dipu Moni

“We are monitoring the coronavirus situation all the time. If we think it will be necessary to reduce the number of classes for the health and safety of students and the teachers, we will do it,” she said on Monday.

“If it is necessary to discontinue classes, we will stop them.”

COVID-19 infections in the country have been on the rise since March last year, spurred by the delta variant.

Despite a marked dip towards the back end of 2021, coronavirus cases have once again been on the rise in recent weeks. It has coincided with the discovery of omicron cases in Bangladesh, raising fears over another devastating wave in winter.

But Dipu Moni believes it will not possible to make a decision on whether learning can resume in full swing at educational institutions without observing the situation until March.

She noted that the number of classes has been increased this time compared to the previous year.

“It will take until March to understand the situation. I don’t see any [reason for] fear at the moment. We need to be very careful. We hope to keep the transmission rate down by being conscious.”

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