Nine Serbs indicted for killing around 100 Muslims during Bosnian war

years after the end of its devastating war between Orthodox Serbs, Catholic
Croats and Muslim Bosniaks in which about 100,000 people had died, Bosnia is
still searching for people who went missing and seeking justice against the
suspected perpetrators.

At the same
time, the Balkan country is going through its worst post-war political crisis,
with Bosnian Serb leaders’ threat of pulling out of Bosnia’s national
institutions, including the joint armed forces, raising fears of a new

The nine
men, the former members and commanders of the Bosnian Serb wartime army, are
accused of killing the Bosniak civilians from the area around the southeastern
Bosnian town of Nevesinje, including dozens of women, elderly people and small

prosecutor’s office said seven families were among those killed in the summer
of 1992. The remains of 49 people have been found while 47 people are still
unaccounted for.

state court will need to confirm the indictment for the case to proceed.

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